Today, these things are free from all do not know the big loss

The original title: Today, these things are all free! Do not know the big loss!

Good news! From January 1, 2018 onward, some things that used to be expensive would have been free! Some things that used to be expensive, now save money!

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purchase of new energy vehicles exempt from acquisition tax

Ministry of Finance and other four departments Announcement at the end of 2017 Announcement, clear from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020, purchase of new energy vehicles from the vehicle purchase tax. New energy vehicles that are exempt from vehicle acquisition tax will be administered through the release of Catalog of New Energy Vehicle Vehicles Exempted from Vehicle Acquisition Tax.

Public Library A Number of Services Free

The Public Library Law will come into force on January 1, 2018. The law stipulates that public libraries shall provide four services to the general public free of charge, including: (1) inquiries and lending of literature information; (2) opening of public space facilities such as reading rooms and study rooms; and

③ public welfare seminars, reading promotion, training, exhibition;

④ other free services provided by the state.

According to "Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Some Holiday Arrangements for 2018" and in combination with the free passage policy of expressways in previous years, in 2018, these periods The highway will be expected to be free.

① Spring Festival: February 15 (New Year's Eve) 0:00 to February 21 (the first day of the sixth month) 24 hours

② Ching Ming Festival: April 5 from 0 am to April 7 Labor Day: 0:00 on April 29 to 24:00 on May 1

④ National Day: 0:00 on October 1 to 24:00 on October 7


Tariff Reduction of Some Imports

After the Tariff Commission of the State Council examined and submitted the approval of the State Council, following the reduction of import tariffs on some consumer products as of December 1, 2017, On the 1st of January, China will make some adjustments to other import and export tariffs.

In order to promote the "Belt and Road" and the construction of a free trade zone, China will impose an agreement tax rate on some imported products originating from 26 countries or regions. Among them,

China and Georgia Free Trade Agreement;

② Further tax cuts include the FTA of China and ASEAN, Pakistan, South Korea, Iceland, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Peru, Australia and New Zealand; Implementation of the free trade agreement between China and Singapore and Chile and the third round of tariff concession arrangements for the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement;

(4) CEPA will expand the implementation of zero-tariff Commodity range, continue to implement the framework agreement on economic cooperation across the Taiwan Strait (ECFA).

July 1 this year, China will also start the third tariff reduction of information technology and other products.

The development of small and medium enterprises to enjoy the benefits

"SME Promotion Law" from January 1, 2018 shall come into operation.

The law provides fiscal and tax support for SMEs, specifying that: (1) The state implements a tax policy favorable to the development of small and micro-sized enterprises and imposes on-going tax levies and reductions on eligible small- Exemption of enterprise income tax, value-added tax and other measures to simplify tax collection procedures, reduce the tax burden of small micro-enterprises.

② The state implements preferential policies on administrative fees and charges for small-scale micro-enterprises to reduce the burden on small micro-enterprises.

The law provides entrepreneurship support for start-ups, specifying:

① People's governments at or above the county level and their relevant departments should provide businesses, public finance and taxation , Legal and policy consulting and public information services in finance, environmental protection, work safety, labor force and social security.

② The establishment of small and micro-sized enterprises by college graduates, veterans, unemployed and disabled persons, etc., enjoy the preferential tax treatment and fee relief according to the state regulations.

③ The state takes measures to support the participation of social funds in the investment of small and medium-sized enterprises. Venture investment enterprises and individual investors investing in start-up science and technology innovation enterprises shall enjoy the preferential tax treatment in accordance with the provisions of the state.

Some taxpayers are exempt from VAT

In order to support the development of small and micro enterprises, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued the "Notice on Value-Added Tax Policies for Micro-Enterprises ", from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020, exempt small-scale value-added taxpayers with monthly sales of 20,000 yuan (including the figure) to 30,000 yuan VAT.

Some cities canceled road use charges

Many local governments issued circular notices to stop charging tolls and road tolls since January 1, 2018.

① From 0:00 on January 1, 2018, Chongqing Municipality will abolish the collection of toll road and bridge tolls in the main urban area. The owners of motor vehicles who have paid the annual toll fees for the main roads in 2018 may apply for refund.

② Since January 1, 2018, at least on January 1, 2018, Wuhan will stop levying the toll fee for "Jiuqiao One Tunnel One Road" in the city. ETC tolls ceased to levy, the relevant units and individuals ETC account balance will be returned one-time full refund.

③ Since January 1, 2018, Chengdu has stopped levying the "Five-road and One-bridge" vehicle toll fee in the city. The motor vehicle owners who have paid the toll fee of "No. 5 Road and No. 1 Bridge" in Chengdu in 2018 and beyond shall pay the refund fee as required.

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