They are dead: an average of 23 years old at the time of writing a suicide note!

This is a documentary that is more attractive than the movie. The fact is more powerful than the fictional hit the heart. You are all national elites and pillars of our country. They are Chinese warriors. We use our life to realize our dreams and defend our territory with youth. You deserve people's remembrance forever.

This documentary Taiwan does not block, but the watercress 9.1 points, look after the tears!

Author: record Chinese Channel | lD: Doc_China

Some of them come from top universities,

plenty of Returned Overseas Chinese,

and some born as mayor ,

With today's point of view, they are upright in value.


life is not your own at the moment they make their choices.

Their School Gate

School Motto:

Our bodies, planes and bombs,

The same place!

This is not just a slogan;

They wrote a will when entering school.

Soaring in the sky and the earth,

can not miss the past, can not think about the future.

They are only present, only now.

If there is something that can be called a plan,

It is probably sacrificing for the country.

They are very taciturn children,

each one of them.

Lonely in the sky,

back to the ground looking for attachment.

They were the first generation fighter pilots in Chinese history, with an average age of 23 when they died


This is a China that does not block in Taiwan,

is not released on the mainland,

is unknown,

you have to look at Conscience film!

The documentary "sky"

With the background of the Sino-Japanese War of 1937-1945 as a backdrop,

presented the young people's love, glory And death.

(The station can watch the film)

The following is a serious spoof,

through 80 years of years, through the grand background and the cold Numbers, correspondence through the current year, and memories of related people and other records. The film will be the mighty Lingyun, young immortal hero, restored living, flesh and blood, loving people.

My father, in heaven

Gao Zhihang, one of the "King Kong" of the Chinese Air Force (all martyred during the Anti-Japanese War), was later handed over by Chinese and Japanese Biography of the "Air Force God of War."

Returning from France and Italy, Gao Zhanhang served as the deputy commander of the Air Force Teach Force and the captain of the Fourth Battalion. From 1935 to 1936, all pilot pilots of the deportation unit were trained to train the first batch of excellent pilots in China.

Japanese spies on their evaluation is:

Chinese Air Force's driving skills,

unexpected outstanding, should not be underestimated.

If ignored the Air Force flight Team Combat


can be quite dangerous. On August 14, 1937, Biaoqiao first air show in Japan and Japan, Gao Zha Hang opened the first shot down Japan, and led the first 3-0 brilliant record. Later that day was designated Air Force Day.

The famous "Air Ares", Air Force chieftain, there is a tuneHabit of the skin - Each time a flight is taught through his own home, he flies low and low. This is the little secret between him and his daughter, and at this moment, the daughter will point to the plane in the sky and say, "My dad, on top."

After our family he will fly low, woo ~ go up like this

I know my dad came

<123 On November 21, 1937, Gao Zhishang encountered enemy air strikes at Zhoukou Airport and was shot into martyrdom when he was 30 years old. During the three-month battle, Gao Zichang shot down a total of five enemy planes. Here, I have two feelings: First, such a famous hero, the fighting time actually only such a short period of three months. In the ensuing battle, we kept on observing that the lives of young people were fought, consuming at an extremely rapid rate.

Second, only shoot down 5 enemy planes? (He did not shoot down the most enemy aircraft, such as his student Liu Sangang's record is 11.) What is required science is that the Japanese and Japanese air force in the end what kind of aircraft? At the beginning of the war of resistance against Japan, our main air force fighter was 300 Hawke three biplane aircraft, characterized by
slow speed, good fight

The Japanese main combat aircraft are 2000 JIIXI single-wing aircraft, characterized by:

fast, specifically for the tug of war

Jiu-six-style faster than 60 kilometers Hawke. What do you mean? It is our plane "Woo ~ woo ~" when the slow flight, the Japanese aircraft "咻 ~" has already flew over.
At that time, almost all of our air defenses and equipment were supplied by international assistance, with a total amount of less than 300 and a little less. In Japan, there are as many as 2,000 aircraft available, and a steady stream of domestic production is still in progress. No equipment, the enemy I am widowed.

When the death comes, it is an instant

When love comes, it is also an instant

Liu Sangang, His air hit rate as high as Jiucheng, Japanese opponents called "ZHAO Zhaolong sky. Jagged man, actually a silly love .He met a girl on the train, scared to heaven, unable to extricate themselves.

first met the city station, to see Fang Zi, Juanxiu gentle, it is admirable

123> Ms. Xu Xilin is a ladylike, the pursuit of public, naturally will not reply to Liu Zhigang's letter.And Liu Sangang is very high Zhi Hang true: like her, to fly to her home, play low flying stunt! Nothing to open a fighter Go to the girl home wandering around, perform various stunts, shaking the wire jitter, also waved hello.

The results scared the future mother-in-law, take the initiative to persuade their own girl (~ daughter, or you From now on, let off the poles of our house ~)

fly so low, so fierce and dangerous, but also to do all kinds of stunts to me, jitter wire you communicate with him as a friend Miss Liu Xigang breakthrough Miss Xu Xilin defense, Ms. Xu Xilin break his father's concerns, they brave breakthrough in all obstacles, as a couple! Like all pilots as soon as possible to explain what happened, Liu Su-gang To the newlywed wife, write a letter like this:

If I want to sacrifice for the country, kill themselves,

that is my best job.

Use your brightest brain and reason,

Do not be stupid,

Do not sacrifice everything because of me.

You should create a new life

I only hope that you will always remember

on your way to life and meet someone like me.

My Lin, I love you forever.

Even though it's long ago known how dangerous a pilot's business is, even if you could write: Life and death are riches and wealth is in heaven; even knowing today Excitement, are tragic tomorrow memories. When death comes, it still falls short of defense. Liu Ssu-gang in the mission, died on the spot. Only 24 years old. When Ms. Xixing Lin, a newlywed, heard the news about her martyred husband, she wrote:

Just now, when you are merciful,

Do the military vocation.

But I, the vast expanse of the sun and the moon,

I do not know what degree of love this year.

Just Gang, you usually say,

After the retirement in the future decided to spare no effort to run the school.

Now you have the last minute effort.

I decided to follow your behest and start with basic education.

Take the heroic and unyielding spirit and instill in the future youth.

China is no longer an old China

Yan Haiwen and his six semesters of Air School have set a record in shooting history. August 17, Yan Haiwen bombing mission, was hit by shells, parachute into the Japanese positions. Fight pistols around him surrounded by his Japanese, and shouting "China captured prisoners." Then use the last bullet to commit suicide. Only 21 years old.

The Japanese army admired his heroicness and set him a monument that read: "The Tomb of the Warrior of Chinas." While reporting on his deeds, Japanese reporters even more lamented: "China is no longer an old China."

Shen Chonghui, Air Academy three students, graduated from Tsinghua University, vote for a second. On August 19, when Shen Chonghui attacked a Japanese ship, the plane was damaged and could not be smoothly returned. At this moment, he discovered more enemy targets and stepped on the accelerator toward the Japanese warship, and returned the enemy. Only 25 years old.

In 1937 November, Hawk three lost.

1938 - 1941,

Iraqi aid to the Iraqi fifteen and Iraq sixteen

Iraq fifteen or biplane fighter, only two guns


"A New Group of Never-Before-seen Aircraft"

Appears over China,

It was Japan's "World's Best"


range is far, fast, strong activity, fighting performance good

Zero appeared, it is a escort

air take it to take it . On September 13, 1940, a zero-fighter plane appeared over Bishan, Chongqing. There were 36 aircraft of the 7th team of the Third Machinery Group of the National Government Air Force. There was a fierce air battle between Bishan and 66 Japanese planes. This is the shocking "Bishan 9.13 air combat." After a brief but terrifying fierce battle, I wound 11 aircraft and destroyed 13 aircraft, wounding 9 crew members and killing 10 crew members without any loss of Japanese aircraft.

Must be fearless

But also fled

Xu Huajiang School of Aeronautics seven graduates also participated in the day's fighting. Xu Huajiang in the oral recording, so recalled:

During that operation, we can say that we are fiasco.

About five minutes, my oil was hit.

The oil splashed, it is fuzzy, can not see clearly.

Aircraft jittery.

There is no way you want to go, there is no way you want to go.

. . . . . .

was hit the engine severely damaged before they forced down the rice fields.

. . . . . .

When I touched the flight pocket, I had two bullets,

in my hand, which was still hot.

Pursued his Japanese fighter pilots three last Jubilee later recalled:

I saw the Chinese Air Force

has been stubborn hit the air stop before

Really surprised <Xuhua Jiang recalled:

We clearly know that the Japanese Air Force's aircraft better than us, but We must also resolutely move forward.

Our creed of the Chinese Air Force is:

Vows to serve the country without repulsion

The battle greatly inspired the morale of the Japanese army. They thought the sky in China was a flag of the sun.

Lone Heroes

Suddenly, a Japanese bomber plunged into a Chinese Iraqi eleventh when it flew over Chengdu.

The Japanese army captured this picture with reporters in the army and recorded:

Our army flew over Chengdu where there was a vacant cloud.

There was an overconfident Enemy fighter,

suddenly provoked me.

The sky and white flag of the enemy fighters,

in close proximity,

was captured by our military.

This is the first precious record of

since the Marco Polo Bridge Incident.

This hand-to-hand picture of this briefing thoroughly sets out the determination of China in the end to resist!

equipment does not work, only Bo life

Zheng Shaoyu, then captain of the fourth brigade, and even put forward to the team head-on collision, the same tactics. He said: As long as the opportunity to capture, I am willing to hit the enemy's first leader machine.

In 1941, the Soviet Union terminated its aid to China,

and signed a non-aggression treaty with Japan.

On December 7, 1941, Japan raided the U.S. Pearl Harbor.

The United States immediately declared war on Japan.

In 1942, China formally obtained U.S. military assistance.

Volunteers from the United States who are retired pilots

The "Flying Tigers" came to China.

With the most advanced P-47, P-51 fighter

and B-25 medium-range bombers at the time,

the PLA Air Force under the aid of Chennault


The maintenance and battle of transportation lines are the focus of both sides' offensive and defensive positions in the latter part of the war.

In 1943, the Japanese army had completely blocked the Chinese coastline and the Burma Road, China's only foreign road, was cut off. The aid to China can only be transported by aircraft flying the Himalayas. This route is called "Hump Route." This is the longest sustained and largest air transport during World War II.

However, the terrain and climatic conditions experienced by the route were poor.

In total there were over 500 plane crashed.

On sunny days, pilots can navigate along the reflections of the wreckage of aluminum aircraft in the valley.

So this route, there is a metal-cold alias "aluminum valley."

Zhou Zhi Kai, CATIC VII, the first pilot to receive the "Sunny Day Medal."

In June 1943, Japanese bombers landed at Liangshan Airport in Sichuan Province, and squadron leader Zhou Zhikai stormed into the Japanese aircraft fleet to create a three-for-zero battle with an enemy eight.

The battle hero is actually a big boy, famous, his family is good, his first dream is to be a movie star.

In June 1935, Zhou Zhikai teased his family and secretly applied for the Hangzhou Qiaoqiao Central Aviation School until he was informed of his admission notice.

When we struggle with the environment for life, we are lonely and distant.

In the air far away from the crowd,

our pain and joy,

only our lonely enjoyment.

It is even more cruel to

when we are besieged by the affliction, so we are not allowed to think

and recall any past.

. . . . . .

Wait until we get back to the airport,

and people talk about a life that has almost lost their life.

No one can experience the situation at the time!

Because, life is something like this:

has been lost, no one can know it!

did not lose, did not feel it!

. . . . . .

We still only quiet

like and never had the same!

This is not the gratifying tolerance ah! At the end of 1943, Zhou Zhikai loses contact with the ground two hours after takeoff during a reconnaissance mission.

Only 24 years old.

Six months later, the official revealed the news of the death.


Invasion of enemy planes,

Perhaps in this hurry,

friends disappear!

. . . . . .

seems to be a nightmare,

falls in the Melaleuca Cliff,

this real nightmare can not wake up, 123> How many brave companions in our brains shadow,

And they are forever sleep!

- Tom Busen A Pilot's Readme

They must cut off their future

to make the future of their loved one

These twenties teenagers are nearly dead than anyone else, so they have to approach God more than anyone else. If Death comes knocking on the door, they have no room to dodge. Even with more dismay, they must make up their mind to cut off their future and to make the future of their beloved. Many girls do not understand the danger of the Air Force, to see him in good health, to see him in position, I do not know he will die anytime. Many girls do not understand, but your conscience know, can not Everyone dare not pay (girlfriend), which is the issue of conscience. "

Zhang Daffei, the third group of the Air Force.

"Her letter is my greatest comfort. Now I'm taking a break, I went to drink and dance, and I'm twenty-six years old and have never tasted anything before." 123

Three days ago, my last friend did not return at night, and I knew the next one was my turn. I prayed, I meditated, and I felt calm inside. "

<123 May 18, 1945, Zhang Dafei shot killed, only 26 years old.

"Classmates together, eat and eat every day ah, what are together, and his brother, brother at home, the results of a look at December 1 , One hundred forty-seven people only three people ....... can not tell, think of a few big brother, very sad, very sad. "

They all have a pay The envious, good body, trained by them, is that they unconditionally contribute their skills and, if necessary, contribute their lives unconditionally.

And thousands of countries have forgotten,

Who is your death!

In 1938, when Lin Huiyin and Liang Sicheng escaped in Kunming and followed the violin on a rainy night, they met eight pilot pilots who were being trained - this is the seventh semester of CNAS. Upon graduation, Liang and Lin as honorary parents "attended the graduation ceremony and delivered a speech.

A few years later, Lin Huiyin constantly heard the pilgrimage of these pilot friends and received their remains. The previous year, they met the last flight student friend killed, this time away from Lin Huiyin brother pilot Linheng martyred for three years.

brother, I do not have to adapt to the language of
to Condolences to your death;

It is an epoch to you,

Simple, you gave it.

This cold,

This silence is glorious.


Because you are a child,

But did not leave anything for themselves,

And thousands of countries like have been forgotten,

Who is your death! During the eight years from 1937 to 1945, the Chinese Air Force shot down or wounded more than 1,200 Japanese planes. As a result, Our army lost nearly 1,000 military aircraft and sacrificed more than 4,000 officers and men. The documentary is for the seventieth anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War and the production cycle of 17 months. Released in Taiwan at the end of last year, in addition to the official support, there is almost no irritation among young people. Director Zhang Zhaowei said: "I know the atmosphere of Taiwan's society is not so much about the history of the Mainland."

He actually held a greater hope and wanted to show it to all Chinese Or, sorry!

It has been 80 years since 1937 and their death is still lonely!

We still only quiet

like and never had the same!

This is not the gratifying tolerance ah!

- Tang Bu Sheng a pilot's statement

Churchill said to the RAF phrase:

"In the human expedition Never so many people in history have so much affection for so few people. "

And we, do not forget our hero! Do not forget that we are excellent young people who are lamentable! Do not forget we owe a deep love of passionate man!

Their minds are as pure and simple as the blue sky, but their souls are profoundly convoluted.

Windshearted Heroes fly,

vowed to serve the country not alive.

into the valley of life,

to create a national way out.

This article is reproduced from the public micro-channel number: Reading Illustrated

Author: record Chinese Channel | lD: Doc_China

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