The U.S. media said that it is impossible to form a military alliance between China and Russia and can not jointly challenge NATO

Reference News Network reported on December 4 According to U.S. media reports on December 2, China and Russia held their first joint military exercise in the Baltic Sea this year. According to a NATO report, the continuous military strength between China and Russia will pose a challenge to NATO. However, some analysts believe it is impossible for China and Russia to form a military alliance.

It is reported that NATO publishes a report every four years to discuss the possible impact of some new factors. The report will provide a reference for the political leaders of NATO in formulating strategies. In the words of General Messier, the supreme commander of NATO's alliance's transformational affairs, Reuters must have a global mindset to deal with all possible development trends. Globalization means that NATO must pay attention to this organization. Regional factors, including the growth of military power in China and India. He also said that NATO is also enhancing its cyberwar capabilities. The report also mentioned that in recent years NATO countries have begun to increase their military expenditures. This is expected to be the case The trend may continue through 2045. However, another dilemma brought by the increase in military spending is that it will face an arms race during the Cold War.

It is reported that Russia has been wrying the West after the crisis in Ukraine and has kept close its relations with China. For the first time this summer, the two navies held a joint military exercise in the Baltic Sea. For the first time in 2015, navies of the two countries held a joint military exercise in the Mediterranean. During the Cold War era, the Mediterranean was the main stage for the wrestling between NATO and the Soviet Union. According to the reports, some military-controlled Russian military media said that the military budget of the United States and NATO should exceed the total military budget of Russia and China. Foreign media quoted a Russian scholar who studies China's military issue as saying that the Chinese military is still mainly defensive, which can not be regarded as a threat. According to Konovarov, a scholar of strategic issues, Russia is unlikely to form a military alliance with China. He said both China and Russia each have its own problems to be solved. The two countries do not want to get involved in the conflicts and disputes involving each other.

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