The first thing in winter morning is not to dress, drink! 10 minutes to get up hard to get up!

The weather is so cold,

Do you think it is too difficult to get up every day,

Difficult to get up every minute?

When you think about the cool air outside, you can not wait to go to bed.

In winter, the hardest minutes of the day

are just moments after you wake up.

In the southern part, where there is no central heating, The "paradise" and the cold "area" are separated from each other by the distance of a blanket, from the blanket is really a painful thing. Second, whether it is in the south or the north, early morning are acute myocardial infarction, multiple occasions of cerebral infarction! According to the survey, 70% -80% of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases occur in the morning 6-10.

Winter to note: the first thing to wake up is not to wear clothes and drink

Clinical observations found that, Early morning coronary heart disease sudden myocardial infarction, high blood pressure and other sudden stroke multiple occasions. Among them, the most dangerous time is just the moment we wake up. If you wake up and get up quickly to wear clothes, the body from a long time to rest, suddenly change position into the active state, the body's sympathetic nervous system is rapidly activated. Poor regulation of the elderly, prone to postural hypertension.

Furthermore, after one evening the human body is in a quiescent state, Increased consistency, vascular occlusion probability of occurrence, may also exacerbate the lack of blood supply, triggering cardiovascular disease.

According to Chinese medicine, just woke up, is the key moment of yin and yang transformation. So, poor heart function, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, simpler, people over the age of 40, should be aware that the first thing wake up in the morning is not right away Get up and wear clothes!

First, spend ten minutes to awaken the body Wang Zemin, chief physician of Oncology, Wangjing Hospital of Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine wakes up with his own method after waking up in the morning Method is to have a solid theoretical basis and results confirmed, we can follow to do.

Pushing for 2 minutes: Shugan Qi, appetizers Wang Zemin said he himself wakes up is not the first thing to get up, but to push belly. Because the process of pushing the stomach stomach, spleen, bile meridians and other acupuncture points can massage to. So often push the abdomen can achieve Shugan Qi, appetizers and spleen, kidney Yang Xin effect.

Wang Zemin also said:

"My grandmother was born because of stomach pain, commonly used this method of health care, and later unknowingly stomachache problems like she found pushing the abdomen can also promote sleep every day, so has always insisted, and sometimes every night pushing the abdomen 20 ~ 30 minutes before he died at the age of ninety-nine. "


Palm down, finger tip slowly toward the fingertipsA little push down to below the navel, the cycle pushed 20 times.

Press the hole for 5 minutes: 123>

Gao Ming, an Acupuncture and Moxibustionist of Ming Dynasty , "Built in, off, sweeping the chest of depression" means to stimulate the built, the two points of internal relations, can relieve chest pain, swept away. Wang Zemin said: "When chatting with a 103-year-old man a few days ago, he said he would wake up every morning and then massage the whole body for 30 minutes This method can also do the elderly, like young people have to go to work, spend three or four minutes rubbing Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Quchi, Hegu, within It's okay to close other acupuncture points. "

Chinese medicine practitioners believe that the winter health should also hide their emotions. They should not expose themselves to the spirit of spring but should always be in a state of convergence. So every day insisted by the Neiguan point, the whole winter will feel breathless Shun Ning.


Take Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Quchi, Hegu, Neiguan five points, each acupressure with thumbs, massage for each acupuncture points, on both sides of the press.

Mention levator ani 3 minutes: raise mention Yang, anti hemorrhoids

Among the four seasons, The season Winter night long day short, is to get the yang fully closed, so that there will be enough next spring ascendence. Chinese medicine believes that often mentioning the anus can be raised mention Yang, yang warm effect enables all organs can dutifully complete their own work. In addition, Wang Zemin also said that "the elderly often mention the anus can also prevent rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, frequent urination and other diseases."


legs shoulder width apart, hands naturally on both sides of the thigh , The whole body relax naturally defends the anus, mentioning a contraction, to be a two or three minutes to mention anal exercise.

Second, drink a glass of water to awaken the blood

It is very important to have your first cup of water in the early morning and it can awaken your body and tell you that the new day is about to begin. When the body sleeps at night, the body consumes a lot of water from the urine, skin and breath. After getting up in the morning, the human body will be in a physiological shortage of water status. One night the body lost about 450 ml of water, morning drink water can supplement the body's metabolism of water loss. Some people like to wake up in the morning after drinking ice water in the refrigerator, I feel most refreshing. In fact, this is wrong, because at this time the stomach has been emptied, Too cold or too hot water will stimulate the stomach, causing stomach upset.

After getting up, they should drink the same cold water at room temperature, when the cold can drink warm water.


suggest that you put a cup of warm water in the bed, afraid of cold out with the bottle can be warm With the down, you can also put a thermos cup, the top 10 minutes after doing gymnastics, drink a cup of warm water, there is a need to get up in the morning medication can also be the way to eat the food double benefit.

Third, turn on the bedside light to wake up the eyes

Do things done still feel sleepy, you can reach out to the bedside lamp, the curtains opened the weather was good, see the light, will soon feel full of energy do not want to get out of bed slightly ~

The plan of the day lies in the morning, the key to preventing disease is also in the morning!

Cardiac function is poor with coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, Hyperlipidemia, simpler, more than 40 years of age, are advised to do according to this ~

All winter is a cold night when sleeping, what should I do? This is very affect the quality of sleep and sleep, let's take a look at how to solve the problem of foot cold it!

What should I do when I get cold in winter?

1, before going to bed feet have a warm effect

The most effective way up. TCM health think feet warm, the body is warm. If you sleep cold feet before, then the body can not warm then warm. So it is recommended to use hot water often winter feet, each bubble about 20 minutes or so, the water level soaked to the ankles more than two or three inches better, the water temperature at 41- 45 ℃ range, the foot just soaked in water to feel slightly hot feet.

After soaking go to sleep, can effectively promote blood circulation, play a warm effect, adhere to bubble for a period of time, but also conditioning body cold.

2, eat more warm foods in winter

Cold feet to avoid eating cold things, eat more warm food. Like beef, lamb, ginger, dates, walnuts, etc., to help qi and blood, promote blood and blood circulation is very helpful.

If your foot is cold, check with your doctor and let your doctor prescribe some medication for your body's condition.

3, winter sleep available some warmth equipment

cold hands and feet, is very affect the quality of sleep . If you go to bed at night to keep warm does not do well, no matter how good the body can not warm your feet up. So, we can use some warm equipment, quilts cover thicker, you can use a hot water bottle, or sleep before opening a blanket warm the bed warm to the Turn off when you sleep, electric blankets should not be opened all night, you can also use warm foot stickers.

The weather is too cold, I want to sleep in socks. Well, the question came, many people will ask winter to wear socks good? Will wearing socks while sleeping affect?

Should not wear socks to sleep in winter?

Winter socks to wear socks have benefits, there are mainly to see if you are wearing socks is not uncomfortable.

1, the benefits of winter socks to sleep

, Can increase the blood flow of the foot, you can transfer the heat of the core area of ​​the body to the distal end, the body therefore a slight cooling, induced drowsiness.

One study found that the temperature of both feet is closely related to the quality of sleep. Take off socks to sleep, will reduce the temperature of the feet, to promote sleep adversely. Therefore, it is advisable to wear a sock after the body temperature has been reduced to the beginning of stripaging, so as to keep the feet at a relatively high temperature, which is more conducive to rapid fall asleep And improve the quality of sleep.

2, sleep wear socks uncomfortable, do not wear

Our body itself has a mechanism of choice, which, if beneficial to the body, will be automatically accepted by the body after a period of time and will be rejected if it is not good for the health. That is, if you feel uncomfortable sleeping in your socks, do not wear it. The socks you choose may be too tight, affecting the normal circulation of the legs, so there will be discomfort.

3, to wear comfortable socks in winter to sleep

wearing socks to sleep must pay attention to foot comfort, too much binding of the socks, will make the foot discomfort, this feeling of discomfort will oppress your peripheral nerves, hinder the foot blood circulation. Sleeping through tight socks can also affect the quality of sleep, and whether you're a males or females, make sure you wear socks with warm, breathable socks.

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