Steal a cattle thief drive a car after the dead burnt car was captured again steal cattle

was burned only a frame of the accident car

original title: steal cowboys driving check out and crush the dead burned vehicles after committing the crime repeatedly on the way

In 2014 12 At 22 o'clock on the 22nd, a 32-year-old Ledong man was hanging up and driving a car with a graceful style. He was suddenly hit by a small car from the back. The driver not only did not stop to save people, but also speeding and brutally cruising from hanging up his body. In October 2015, Ledong Traffic Police Brigade will raise the amount of the reward from 30,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan, issued a reward notice. On September 6, 2016, the suspect was arrested and brought to justice by the police again after committing the crime. On October 24 this year, the case was held in the Second Intermediate People's Court of Hainan Province and will be judged on the same day. Reporter Liao Zairu / Article Li Zhiliang / map

Review style car driver was dragged a hundred meters after being crushed

December 22, 2014 15 am, Ledong nine After hanging up and eating lunch, we drove away for style as usual. After passing through the sections of the frontier of the nine border police stations, a black Kia sedan with the license plate number "Joan ANM962" (decks) suddenly raced from the rear. , Was crushed by the accident vehicles in the past, died.

According to Ledong police introduction, Zhang Pan climbed after the police rushed to the scene, the accident vehicles have escaped. Later, they found a runaway vehicle in a mango orchard about 10 kilometers from the scene of the accident, but it was completely overheated, apparently deliberately burning down the driver in order to destroy the evidence. In order to catch the suspect as soon as possible, the police will post a screenshot of the video on the reward notice. In October 2015, the amount of the reward will be raised from 30,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan.

investigation steal cattle from Sanya to Ledong check-point on the way car accident

Lok Dong Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade deputy chief Chen Chuan-yan introduction, Ledong Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the case, Strong will set up a task force, by expanding the range of access to the surveillance video on the road and found that the driver of the vehicle driving in the incident before the incident, many times in the 225 State Road Sanya intersection access, usually out of the Sanya in the morning near the bayonet exit , Return at night. Through the follow-up investigation, initially identified the suspect living in Tianya Town, Sanya City. Chen Chuan-yan said that through the road surveillance captured the suspect picture, looking for suspects detained in Sanya Detention Center identified that driving burning vehicles, is the Tianya town "famous" thieves Li Mouqiang. Police confirmed the identity of Limouqiang Liminjiang and co-pilot's seat on the same day, the implementation of online pursuit. Soon, Lin Moujiang was arrested and brought to justice.

After investigation, the police learned that Li Mouqiang often drove a modified car with others and flew to Ledong, the East, Zhuozhou and other places to steal cattle. On the afternoon of December 22, 2014, Li Mouqiang, together with the suspect Lin Moujiang, took the check-out before the cowardice from Sanya to Ledong. As a result, he drove the driver of the deceived car and escaped, deliberately burning the vehicle in order to destroy the evidence.

Trial suspected of intentional homicide, the court will choose the day sentenced

According to the police, Lin Moujiang arrested, Lee Mouqiang and the suspect Dongmou gang of cowards. September 6, 2016, Li Mouqiang driving a small van, together with Dongmou flow from Sanya to Yangpu Pirates once again when cattle were caught Yangpu police. After the panel received the news from Yangpu Police, the case materials were transferred to the Public Security Bureau of Yangpu Development Zone on September 7, 2016. Provincial Sports People's Procuratorate Division II Prosecutor Han Sports introduction, Li Mouqiang crashed into the chariot driver at the time, if they can promptly stop the rescue of the injured, the injured may not life-threatening, he continued to drive the vehicle from the wound Who rolled over the body, causing death, suspected of intentional homicide. Li Mouqiang suspects confessed to participate in the robbery committing 7 cases. On October 24, 2017, the suspect, Li Mouqiang, was arrested for intentional homicide and theft in a hearing held at the Second Intermediate People's Court of Hainan Province. The court will choose the day for judgment.

Source: Hainan Special Zone Daily

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