Red, yellow and blue market value evaporated over 300 million US dollars by the US law firm class action investigation

The original title: the market value of evaporation of more than 300 million US dollars Red, yellow and blue by the US law firm class action investigation

U.S. local time on the 24th, the United States Rosen law firm announced: It is suspected that RYB Education, currently listed in the United States, is inaccurate, omission or misleading in its disclosure of information under the Securities Law of the United States and has therefore initiated the investigation of a class action lawsuit in the securities law in the United States and said it would likely represent further investment Red, yellow and blue claims.

NYSE Fall and Fall of Red, Yellow and Blue

It is reported that after the red, yellow and blue scandal were exposed, the broader market hit a record high on the 24th in the United States on the "Black Friday" , The share price of red, yellow and blue fell by more than 40%, the market value evaporated more than 300 million U.S. dollars, and investors suffered heavy losses.

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