Party newspapers quit internet addiction: Violent treatment is counterproductive to make children more rebellious

Recently, a college in the process of getting rid of students addiction, accused of corporal punishment, imprisonment, violence training and so on , Triggering widespread concern in society. In recent years, the number of juveniles injured as a result of their withdrawal from Internet addiction treatment is no longer a case. Although many have been criticized, similar practices have been repeatedly banned and even received the support of many parents. The reason for this is thought-provoking.

Some parents said Internet addiction has caused tremendous damage to children and families, no matter what kind of means, as long as it can cure Internet addiction, is good for children.

Parents understand the mood, but can not be ignored, violence treatment will also bring serious harm to children. Obvious damage is reflected in the body, to get rid of the process of addiction, teenager physical injuries are not uncommon cases; the more important damage is in the psychological. Psychological development of adolescents is not yet mature, simple and rude way is often counterproductive, making it more rebellious, at the same time, violence easily leave trauma to children, to bring more misunderstandings and estranged family.

Therefore, to get rid of Internet addiction, means and methods need careful consideration. Not only need after treatment, but also the need for prophylaxis, not only need physical therapy, but also the need for spiritual care. Organizations have shown that adolescents who are addicted to Internet addiction often have common features such as psychological stress, stressful learning, introverted, uncoordinated, and poor communication. This shows that in daily life, individuals Parents neglect their children's concern, in the early stages of children infected with Internet addiction did not do timely detection, timely intervention. At the same time, it also reveals that some parents lack scientific guidance to their children. Even if they find that their children are addicted to Internet addiction, they do not know how to intervene effectively and guide them effectively. They also do not know how to guide children to use the Internet rationally.

We often say that education should emphasize methods and more on the basis of love. We expect more schools and parents to take a more responsible attitude and take care of children's psychological conditions in a timely manner so as to understand and discover problems in a timely manner so as to guide and intervene. Also looking forward to more relevant agencies, respecting the laws of education, respect for children's growth, with more love and patience, to help children get rid of Internet addiction.

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