Men 7 years to his girlfriend remittances 216 times thick account 13 but I do not know her real name

The original title: Men seven years to his girlfriend remittances 216 times the book thickness up to 13 pages, but I do not know her real name!

fell in love with his girlfriend for seven years

even married, there is a son? !

And I do not know the real name of "girlfriend"!

After he pulled out a shopping list of up to 13 pages, he realized

He started his career in 2009, when Hemou, an 18-year-old woman from Fuyang, Hangzhou, 34-year-old Jiangxi man Zhang "love" of the. Until the end of last year, Zhang was surprised to find himself a seven-year bitter girlfriend, even married, there is a son!

When the wedding props and uncle fake blind date

Looked at each other broad-leaved phone

"Help my sister's busy, go with the man See one side, after not contact on the line, a few hours can make a hundred dollars is not bad, if the other generous, but also to give you something to send. "September 9, 2009, was working in Hangzhou, Hemou, could not help but one Married intermediary acquaintances abetting, promised to marriage agency when marriage care, go to fake blind date.

To this end, Hemou fictitious name Dai 芊 himself, the age changed from 18 years old to 26 years old.

After the meeting in Hangzhou Building, Zhang suddenly liked the beautiful young Dai Dai, but also bought her a bunch of flowers. They talked for more than half an hour, shopping mall, Zhang and "Dai 芊" bought clothes and the value of 5120 yuan gold necklace to Bo heart.

Hemou Although the smile on his face readily accepted all the gifts, but my heart does not like Zhang.

Hemou think, then 34-year-old Zhang twice as fast age, a disproportionate, long and not good-looking, not their favorite type, not to mention their own just to earn 100 yuan before marriage agency When the marriage, it is impossible to develop into a boyfriend and girlfriend.

But look at Zhang generous, but also like their own willing to spend money for their share, parting, Hemou left his cell phone number to Zhang.

naive Zhang, that the other party accepted the gift is like yourself, and then started the pursuit of perseverance.

Talked about a number of boyfriends and married

Still in "love" to get money

"Dear, no get off work? I kind of miss you." Rent, singing yesterday with the little sister money spent ... ... "" ran into a beautiful dress yesterday, I put on what you must love ... "

at the beginning, Hemou every reason to cheat Thousands of dollars, or to spend a little pocket money to meet. Zhang almost seemingly responsive, gradually heightened courage up Hemou, began to make grandma sick hospital, home to make a house, open shop and other reasons to invest, once cheated more than 10,000 yuan. In fact, in September 2009, Hemou met Fuyang fellow Shenmou at the same time, and established a love relationship. Three months later, Shen Mou inadvertently read Hemou SMS, found the existence of Zhang, repeatedly asked, He Mou admitted that he and Zhang keep fake love relationship just to lie to each other's money. Hemou Shen Moumou a very absurd act, he could not accept a person using the feelings of money, they decided to break up with Hemou.

Soon, Hemou met through a friend introduced Luomou, and their contacts lasted only six months. During Luomou also found Hemou and Zhang in the "love", then proposed to break up. Hemou like Luomou do not want to break up, and even to Luo Mou own hands cheated money. In the end, the two broke up.

In 2015, Hemou met Wang, after dating for some time began to talk about marriage. This time, Hemou learned the first two lessons, did not let Wang found his love affair, and eventually married Wang, gave birth to a son.
After the marriage, Hemou Wang confessed to the existence of Zhang, but the lines became "talked about love, when the house was borrowed from him to repair some money, I will find ways to pay off this Money. "Wang believe it, think of his son have been born, there is no study.

Misunderstood phone unmasks the truth

"Even my demolitions have been cheated"

"You will not contact my wife later, she has been married Born, I hope you self-respect. "Late last year, Zhang called Hemou phone, happened to be Hemou husband received, and finally torn Hemou wearing a seven-year long mask.

This result is tantamount to a thunderbolt, Zhang feel that they have paid so much, and Hemou just treat him as a cash dispenser.

Zhang wanted to understand that each time he gave "Dai 芊" remittance, the account is the name of Hemou, and "Dai 芊" explanation is only their ID card was lost, so use A small sister's ID card to do a bank card.

Every time they meet, they just pull their hands and hug at most, and he does not even know where he lives.

When Zhang Moumou again call the phone, the other has been shut down, the last is unable to get through. Obviously, Hemou has changed the phone number. By this time, Zhang did not figure out the true name of his girlfriend for seven years in love.

"This woman even my home 10 million demolition money are cheated!" Desperation, Zhang came to Haining City Public Security Bureau salt warehouse police station alarm.

seven years remittances 216 to "girlfriend"

shopping list up to 13

presumably know their fraud, combined with the huge amount of money, Hemou began to frequent changes in accommodation, Avoid police arrest.

December 19, 2017, Haining police found Hemou back to Fuyang, immediately organized forces closely. December 21, with the assistance of the local police, Haining police suburb in Fuyang, a successful rental housing fraud suspects Hemou captured.

arrested, He Moumou voluntarily confessed his crime of fraud Zhang.

Hemou, born in 1991, Hangzhou Fuyang. Police investigation confirmed that from 2009 to 2016, seven years, Hemou fake love by way of fake identity, to birthday, grandmother sick, shop loss, renovation of the house and other reasons for the implementation of fraud on Zhang, only the present is well documented The amount of up to more than 30 million.

7 years, Zhang a total of 216 bank remittance to He Mou, all retained the remittance. Zhang has a habit of accounting, recorded in a notebook to Hemou's property list up to 13 pages. Even after marriage, Hemou still fabricated a variety of reasons fraud Zhang.

"I mainly give money to this woman through bank transfer, face to face payment of cash, purchase of mobile phone jewelry, etc., worth a total of 600,000 yuan," Zhang said.

"I cheated him a total of 300,000 yuan, part of the money to buy their own clothes, cosmetics, pay rent and other living expenses spent, there are some to the home use, the other There are seven or eight million yuan to my previous boyfriend Luomou, he spent to other girls. "Hemou account.

Due to Zhang face to face the money and money for the purchase of goods did not retain valid evidence, the specific amount of fraud is still under investigation and verification of the police.

At present, Hemou has been criminal detention by the police on suspicion of fraud.

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