Kremlin Secret: Putin Does Not Use Social Media Say Trump Push

Original Title: Putin Does Not Use Social Media Say Trump Twitter? Dec. 13 (Xinhua) Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier admitted that they do not use social media, so how does he know "social up to" the United States presidential special What's up on Twitter on Twitter? Kremlin on the 12th revealed it. According to the Tass news agency, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on the 12th told the media that Putin will consult the report on Trump Tweets. Peskov said that "Moscow believes that Trump's official account on the Twitter account represents an official position and therefore will collate his tweets and report it to Putin and, of course, to other politicians In fact, Putin had admitted earlier that he did not use social media and that all existing accounts had nothing to do with him. "I was too busy with my work, I was busy working till late at night, I really did not feel like using social media, I just wanted to sleep." "I know there are thousands of accounts under my name, Has nothing to do with me, "he jokes," hoping they will not say anything bad. "

However, the Russian public seems to want Putin to open a social media account. In February, the All-Russia Opinion Research Center recently conducted a survey on "ways by which the Russian people know their own president?" The results show that one third of Russian citizens want to pass Putin's personal homepage or social media account Exchange with the president. (Overseas Network Yang Jia)

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