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The original title: Kuomintang spokesman: at home, there are yuan on the "national security" have a dollar, is the Japanese yen traitor? (Source: United News)

[Global Network's Integrated Report] Taipei's Public Prosecutor's Office spokesman for the investigation of the New Party Wang Bingzhong and others suspected of being suspected of violating the "123"
In the case of the "National Security Law" of Taiwan authorities, the command and supervision unit on the morning of the 19th searched the middle places of the king's home with the search votes, bringing back the investigation of the four NPO youth army investigations by Wang Bingzhong. In response, KMT spokesman Hong Mengkai questioned on Facebook (Facebook), at home, the renminbi is related to "national security"? A dollar, the yen is traitor? According to Taiwan's Allied News Network reported on December 20, Hong Mengkai said that Wang Bingzhong was subject to a large-scale quiz search and investigation, and now there is a suspicion of renminbi in his home. He suddenly remembered that in the past few years, Left banknotes at home, "I should not surrender to the DPP government? Or afraid of someone coming to my house at 6 am tomorrow look-up meter!"

He questioned, the prosecution to find Wang Bingzhong home There are yuan for the reason that is suspected of major, in the end committed what heinous crime, more than 6 police officers block the door search? In the past few years, he travels on business or travel, or left a memorial, each with a banknote in his home country. If the DPP authorities are now scaring off, is there a traitor for the yen? Can Philippine coins be drug lords? With South Korea may be more taboos, after all, Taiwan's baseball has been lost to South Korea, how can you have Korean coins? Hong Mengkai said he demanded that the prosecutor should release the case as soon as possible to clarify the truth. Do not because of the different types of political ideology, and kill chickens monkey or deliberately suppressed. "Taiwan's democracy and the rule of law up to now absolutely do not allow any reproduction of terror," he also marked at the end of the article "Hello big I am not afraid of" and "imperialist civilians" and so on. In addition, Taiwan's "China Times" also published a commentary on the 19th, saying that unless the Tsar's authorities have enough evidence of conviction, the authorities often investigate political figures in violation of the "National Security Law," and the object is "unification Independence "spectrum and the DPP oppose the New Party, if the whole case can not be" shot in one shot, "it will surely cause Taiwan's democracy, social and political, and even the unnecessary cross-Strait opposition and conflict.

The article said that Taiwan's "Investigation Bureau" locked the New Party to launch a search. Despite the fact that the investigation was not open afterwards, the article was rejected. However, the immediate fact is that when Wang Bingzhong and others were brought back for questioning, There are news that he has long been exposed to public officials and soldiers, and received simplified Chinese books and RMB. Of course, these messages are very bloody. However, I would like to ask the "Investigation Bureau." If these evidences are to be brought to court in the future, let alone be able to deny people a crime, I am afraid that even the evidence can not be claimed. The article asked, "Investigation Bureau" what is the intention? If you just want to guide the public opinion, so that the search may seem some "legitimacy", but the social costs that come with what, do not you know?

According to the commentary, especially when confronted with the fact that the New Party advocating the one-China principle has been investigated by the judiciary in Taiwan, can the mainland see if it is in the eyes of the Mainland that it will suppress the power of peaceful cross-Strait unification? It is a fear that cross-Strait relations will be worse.

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