Guo Feng Tong flag pass: practice mirror mirror salute dumbbell simulation show flag

Original Title: Flag Player GUO Feng-tong: Practicing Saluting in Mirror Practicing Dumbbell Simulating Flag Training

In today's flag-raising ceremony of the Tiananmen Square, the flag-raising national flag will be left behind for all A deep impression. He is Guo Fengtong, executive arm of honor guard of the Three Armies. From Tiananmen Square, go through the Jinshui Bridge to raise every aspect of the national flag, and every step must be accurate. This precision is how to practice it?

Military posture tall and straight, serious and serious, this is the reporter's first impression of Guo Fengtong. Guofeng Tong enrolled twelve years, is an absolute honor guard of the old team. In 2017 became an executive captain. Executive Captain is the soul and core of the field, one by one represents the image of the country and the dignity of the nation, through the body, movement and psychological qualities and many other critical screening, excellent quality Guo Feng Tong Embarked on the most stringent requirements, the most difficult action, the most responsible position. The role of the national flag player not only represents the image of the honor guard, but also represents the image of the entire country.

Guofeng Tong, Honor Guard of the Chinese People's Liberation Army: It should be said that the responsibility is great, the mission is glorious, and our own pressure is also very large.

No matter how complicated the situation is encountered, it is necessary to make sure that every move is made in a smooth, progressive and flag-show manner. In the training ground, Guo Fengtong teammates moved to a mirror, in the mirror practice the salute again and again action. In order to accurately position each of the flags, he uses dumbbell simulations to carry out repeated training. Every night after the end of training, but also to their own physical training room for arm strength training. Guo Fengtong, PLA Honor Guard Team: Our current mission is to take 96 steps, each step is 75 centimeters, the error can not exceed two centimeters. In order to accomplish this mission to a high standard, I and my comrade-in-arms must make every move accurate. We think of many ways, for example, we have the pace of the playground, and sometimes personal experience, group practice, and team synthesis.

As the executive captain of the flag-raising task for the first time in Tiananmen Square, Guo Fengtong felt more than excited.

Guofeng Tong, Honor Guard of the People's Liberation Army: On the first day of 2018, I personally raised the national flag in Tiananmen Square. It can be said that my mission is honorable and my responsibility is great. I am honored to be able to attend this mission. In the ensuing work, I will continue to carry forward the spirits of honor and team spirit, to add to our country and army.

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