Four consecutive NLD Central Committee presidents are what they do

After the 5-day conference schedule was completed, another democratic central government changed smoothly.

The First Plenary Session of the Twelfth Central Committee of the China Democratic League (NLD) Closure in Beijing on December 10, 60.

△ Ding Zhongli

Wepolitics noted that Ding Zhongli is the 12th chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic League and the 4th consecutive "President of the University." Yes, all three of his former presidents have served as university presidents.

Unlike his predecessor, Ding Zhongli's university, though more than 60 years old, is actually titled as a "university," but for five years it is the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

"avant-garde" scientists into "net red"

Ding Zhongli born in 1957, Zhejiang Shengzhou. In 1996 joined the NLD. He is currently a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, chairman of the NLD Central Committee, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Say he is "net red" is not political circle (wechat: wepolitics) Letters. In the know, B station and other young people gathered on the site, there are videos and discussions about him.

B station on Ding Zhongli's video hits close to 200,000, more than 6000 barrage. Knowing about his discussion posts, the highest praise of a reply has been nearly 20,000. The first sentence of this reply is: From President Ding's body, I saw the backbone that supports China's development. It is the scholars who have made countless unknown contributions that we can see the future of China. Tribute to them!

These videos and discussions all originated in 2010 when he interviewed CCTV "face to face" and talked about energy emissions from China.

He studied ancient geological origin, but also studied climate change and the environment, this span can be really small. In the interview, his "Chinese is not a person?" Quickly became the "Golden Sentence", as well as the "smell of gunpowder" in the interview. It is also to let many people understand that in the international world, the situation of China's energy emissions and the hardships of China's development.

In April 2014, Ding Zhongli began to serve as the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In the same year in June, he said in an interview: "If you want to do business, if you want to study finance, if you want to be a civil servant, you should not apply for the NSUST." Most of the NSUST apply for science like people. The 123-year-old scientist who claimed to be "quite radical" in his youth now laments that there is no conscience in the youth when it is not radical, but it is also lamentable when the old man is radical.

"Younger age, your knowledge has accumulated to a certain extent, the vision should look farther, work more rational and inclusive."

You must inherit the Chinese traditional scholar "to World responsibility ";

With a clear, optimistic heart out of the school gate.

These are the words that the headmaster told their classmates at the start of school and graduation ceremony.

Four "President of the University," who are?

The Political Circle (WeChat ID: wepolitics) noticed that on the official website of the Central Committee of the NLD, the home page is the address of Zhang Baowen, the outgoing chairman.

△ NLD official website

Zhang Baowen also was a university president. From 1996 to early 1999, he served as president of Northwestern Agricultural University. During his tenure as university president, he also completed the transition from vice chairman of Shaanxi Province to vice chairman and secretary general of the Central Committee of the NLD in his duties in the NLD.

Jiang Shusheng, the 10th Central Committee of the Democratic League chairman. Like Ding Zhongli, he was elected chairman of the university presidency. In 2005, eight years after becoming the president of Nanjing University, he started to serve as the central chairman of the NLD.

△ Jiang Shusheng (right)

Ahead More Than a President Ding Shisun, 1984-1989 President and Professor of Peking University. He was elected as the seventh Central Chairman of the NLD in November 1996 and has spanned three times before and after. In 1997, he was elected as the eighth Central Chairman of the NLD and elected as the Ninth Central Committee Chairman of the NLD in December 2002. Perhaps some readers should ask why Ding Shisen only served as the seventh Central Committee Chairman of the Democratic League. Zheng Zhijun noticed that it was just in November 1996 that Fei Xiaotong, 86, was resigning from the post of Chairman of the 7th Central Committee of the NLD and took over as Vice-Minister Ding Shisheng. In other words, there are two places before and after the seventh Central Committee of the NLD. In addition to Ding Shisun's predecessor Fei Xiaotong, the other served as chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic League, according to the order, as well as Huang Yanpei, Zhang Lan, Shen Junru, Yang Mingxuan, Shi Liang , Hu Yuzhi (on behalf of the Chairman), Chu Tu-Nan.

These chairs are closely related to education and culture. For example, Huang Yanpei, after the Revolution of 1911, served as director of the Education Department of Jiangsu Province and organized southeast, Jinan and Tongji universities.

Zhang Lan early study in Japan. After returning home, founded Nanchong High School. In 1925, he served as president of the National University of Chengdu.

Shen Junru, 1909, served as Zhejiang government two level normal school (Hangzhou senior high school predecessor) supervision (president). After 1928, he served as Dean of Shanghai University of Law (later renamed Shanghai Law School and merged with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 1950).

Yang Mingxuan was arrested twice during the May 19 Movement. After his release, he returned to Shaanxi for education. He was appointed as Weibei High School in Sanshili, Dean of the Second Provincial School of Xi'an and Headmaster of the Provincial First Normal School. In 1923, Yang Mingxuan went to Shanghai University and served as director of the Central Committee.

Fei Xiaotong, who taught at Tsinghua University in 1947. By 1982, he was a professor of sociology at Peking University.

The main force of the Democratic League

It is no accident that the four presidents should be appointed. According to the official introduction of the NLD, the China Democratic League is mainly composed of high and mid-level intellectuals engaged in cultural education and scientific and technological work.

Political Circle (WeChat ID: wepolitics) A brief introduction to the history of the Democratic League.

The Democratic League was secretly established in Chongqing on March 19, 1941, when the name was "China Democratic Political League." Huang Yanpei was promoted to chair the Central Committee. After Huang Yanpei resigned as chairman, elected Zhang Lan as chairman.

△ Zhang Lan and Mao Zedong

In September 1944, the China Democratic Political Consultative Conference held a national conference in Chongqing and decided to change its name to "China Democratic League," and change from a group membership to a personal application participate.

In 1945 October, the Democratic League held a provisional national congress, the first national congress. The meeting produced the first session of the Central Committee, elected Zhang Lan as the chairman of the Central Committee. The meeting clearly put forward the political idea of ​​"peace, unity, solidarity and democracy."

In January 1946, the NLD participated in the political consultative conference held in Chongqing.

In January 1948, the NLD convened the Third Plenary Session of the First Plenary Session of the Central Government in Hong Kong, set up a temporary headquarters and publicly announced its cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party. In the same year in September, representatives of the NLD attended the first plenary session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and participated in the preparation for the establishment of the People's Republic of China.

In February 1956, the NLD convened the second national congress and put forward the slogan of "all for socialism."

Since entering the new historical period, in October 1979, the NLD held its fourth national congress. From 1983 to 2012, the NLD held the fifth to eleventh national congresses. During this period, the Central Committee of the Democratic League proposed calling for economic development "to come up with ideas, find ways, do good deeds and do practical things."

As of December 2016, the NLD has a total membership of more than 282,000, of which 22.8% are from the higher education sector, 30.2% from the general education sector, 5.8% from the press and publication arts and culture sector, and 7.5% from the science and technology medical and health sector 17.4%.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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