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The superstition's superstition about "religious objects" such as the so-called "peace symbol" precisely gives the "nugahs" space to sell their "religious articles" online. . The purchasing behavior of the “leaders” objectively made the network superstition even more indiscriminate.

The Beijing News reported today that Zhang Daochang, a self-proclaimed "entry" for 16 years, often uses "Poor Dao" and "Fusheng immeasurable Tianzun" in his circle of friends, with "thank you" in his middle. Very spiritual" and other words. He also operates an online shop that sells more than ten kinds of "religious articles", including "transporters", "charms for disguising evil spirits," and "recruiting peach blossoms." The prices are all 68 yuan.

"Wang Daochang" and "Pan Daochang" similar to "Zhang Daochang" come from different provinces such as Zhejiang, Guangdong and Henan. Most of them will upload "Taoist Certificates" or a large number of pictures of religious life in online shops. Some of their “products” have not been sold on a monthly basis, such as a store from Zhongshan’s “Zhang Xuanji Road”, which sells more than 1300 copies a month, with a favorable rate of 99.96%. However, a survey by the Beijing News reporter found that these “Taoists” were “dummy scholars” who had not been registered and recorded, and some Taoist views did not exist at all.

The “fake Taoist” sells various spells on the Internet, which is essentially the same as selling regrets. This kind of business has its roots in traditional culture. It is not surprising that it exists in the real world. However, the “fake Taoists” openly engage in such business on the Internet e-commerce platform, and they are bold and frantic.

The first thing to note is that “religious articles” sold by either “fake Taoists” or “fake Taoists” have no connection with religious beliefs.

Because becoming a Taoist requires strict certification. According to the Measures for the Identification of Chinese Taoist Teachers, only the Quanzheng school priests who passed the priests or crowns of the priesthood were eligible to obtain Taoist credentials. On this basis, there must be a certain level of education, converted to the home or enter the road for more than two years. The blessings of true Taoist priests are generally carried out in Taoist temples, and they are not sold freely in online shops.

However, the “fake Taoists” use the Internet to use the “feelings of the people” to believe in the “peace symbol” and “amulet” in order to achieve their own interests. Therefore, the act of selling "superstitious articles" on the Internet by "fake Taoists" is already suspected of being illegal. Article 36(3) of the Regulations on Religious Affairs stipulates that "no or noAny person who has lost the qualifications of a religious teacher may not engage in activities as a religious teacher. Article 74 stipulates that illegal activities such as fraudulent access to money for such “fake Taoist priests” also stipulate: “The religious affairs department shall order the suspension of activities; if there is any illegal income or illegal property, the illegal gains and illegal goods shall be confiscated, and 10,000 yuan shall be imposed. The fine below the dollar.

The nature is not difficult to define. The real problem is that the e-commerce platform has indulged these “fake Taoists” suspected of illegal activities. According to reports, an online shop with fake long-distance channels actually opened for 5 years. Old faith, faith and superstition are two different things, and the identity of their religious personalities sells superstitious products on the Internet and they are suspected of illegal fraud.

What is really worth noting is that this kind of business actually emerges with the e-commerce platform. With the development of various types of social networks and the dregs, the so-called spells of the “fake Taoist Priest” are no longer a single phenomenon. Some people with bad feelings even took the express train of knowledge payment.

Previously , there was media coverage that some netizens posted a message saying that they had been “depressed by ghosts” and thus met a “doctor.” As a result, she ate the “elixir” opened by Daoist, not only not After curing the disease, he got acute liver injury.Afterwards, Zhizhu declared that the recent feudal superstitious discussions had been severely cracked down. The mentioned achievements included “the handling of 30 articles involving the effects of 'Lead Dan'.”


In this regard, whether it is an e-commerce platform or Class social networking platforms, it is necessary to maintain this high degree of vigilance, actively take responsibility platform, because some "false priests" is not just drawing money, in some cases may also be lethal.

Beijing News reported that officials were “sweeping” to be photographed: Privacy cannot be used as a shield Mon, 14 May 2018 14:58:46 +0800 admin Original title: Privacy can't be a shield


The police who sneaked on the adultery of the boss were detained, and Zhou Zhimian, who was in violation of the discipline, had not even touched the penalty. At first, it was just another place where "power is relatively small." "The improper relationship has not been widely spread and it has not led to the breakdown of the family." The excuse of "freedom from punishment" can also be put on the table.

This is a real case that is comparable to the movie bridge, but the development of the "drama" is contrary to many people's expectations.

According to news reports, the original police officer Chi Wen from Huangyan Branch of Zhejiang Taizhou Public Security Bureau tracked and photographed his superiors. Immediately, he served as the deputy director of Huangyan Public Security Bureau Zhou Moumou and obtained evidence of adultery between Zhou and a woman. The relevant evidence was handed over to the Huangyan District Commission for Discipline Inspection. Afterwards, Chi Wen was detained for seven days and was administratively detained for six days.

The embarrassing news learned from the Huangyan District Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Huangyan Public Security Bureau that Zhou Moumou had admitted to the Disciplinary Committee that there was a misconduct that had an illicit relationship with another person. However, because he had not caused any adverse effects, he had not Disposition. At present, Zhou Moumou has been removed from the Huangyan Public Security Bureau and is the deputy director of a bureau in Huangyan District.

Shouldn't Kevin be arrested? There is nothing wrong with the legal articles alone. The "Public Security Administration Punishment Law" stipulates that if there is any "peeping, sneak shot, eavesdropping, and spreading privacy of others", "detainment shall be imposed on less than five days or fined less than five hundred yuan; if the circumstances are severe, the detention shall be five days or more and ten days or less." It can be fined up to 500 yuan." Judging from the universality of privacy rights, Chi Wen’s behavior does constitute an infringement of the rights of others and should be punished by law.

The problem is that the person who was photographed is not an ordinary citizen, but a civil servant with power. If we uphold the view that “civil servants have no privacy”, then Ii’s candid behavior does not constitute an infringement of the privacy rights of others, and public opinion imposes administrative penalties. However, this seemingly correct view is not unimpeachable: a civil servant’s official behavior, besides involving state secrets, can be considered as a “transparent zone”. If it is a business, eating, drinking, sleeping and other details of life are also It is neither realistic nor possible that this kind of "absolute transparency" is to be viewed and exposed.

Of course, whether the penalties for the 6th day of the detention of Chi Wenxing are appropriate, there are still some areas for discussion. The "Public Security Administration Punishment Law" stipulates that "the penalties for public security administration must be based on facts," and "the nature and circumstances of violations of public security management practices."And the degree of social harm is quite similar.” Although it was involved in invading the right to privacy, Chi Wen’s sneak shot of others did not cause any harm to the society. In fact, because of his truthful report, he made Zhou’s misconduct “exposure” and more “demonstrative performance”. In August last year, the Huangyan Public Security Bureau had imposed on the detention of Chi Wen on the 7th, which was also considered to be a “penalty.” Taking these factors into consideration, it is more reasonable and legal to “reduce the punishment” or “not to punish.” /p>

As for the handling of Zhou Moumou, compared with the “double treatment” of “confinement” in the case of Chi Wen’s arrest, it also gives people a sense of “three cups of fine”. The "Regulations," "If you have an unfair sexual relationship with another person and cause adverse effects, you may give a warning or give a serious warning." "If the circumstances are serious and serious, you can give up the party's internal duties, leave the party to inspect and expel party membership," The Zhou Yumian, who was actually in violation of the discipline, had not even been tainted, but he was still changing his position where “power is relatively small” and continued to be an official. “Unfair sexual relations have not been widely disseminated, nor have they caused family breakdown,” such as This "excuse for punishment" excuse can also be put on the table. Look at the investigation process, investigators are all their "subordinates", Zhou Moumou also did not stop performing his duties, these procedures "squeak", makes people more skeptical, need to be further Clarification.

The truth of the rule of law is how to deal with power. With public rights, it is doomed that the right to privacy is incomplete and cannot be used as a shield against “privacy rights.” As a citizen, there is also a bottom line for rights. Only between the regulation of power and the protection of rights can there be a tree of the rule of law.

□ Ouyang Chenyu (a scholar)

Beijing News: The hot word Yan Shuji needs an authoritative version of the annotation Mon, 14 May 2018 14:58:44 +0800 admin Debates and comments

To verify and respond to various questions is not only responsible for the public and public opinion, but also responsible for the "Yan Shuji." After all, if it is purely a misunderstanding, it should also be an innocence.

This is an internet universe full of magic. Some people are trying hard to become popular but others are not careful. Recently, a “Secretary of Yan” fired hot for several screenshots of WeChat chat.

It is a long story, but according to, it is roughly like this: A girl from Chengdu Gold Apple's Emily Kindergarten Class played a classmate and the teacher mistakenly sent her decision to arrange her seat to the parent. group. Then the girl's parents, also known as "Mrs. Yan," apologized to Teacher Chen in the group and threatened to "inform your group leader to explain to me what you meant to Yan Shuji's daughter!" and she later claimed that the school processed the result. Has been out: expel teacher Chen.

This wave of fierce operation made other parents in the group stunned. Someone took screenshots and spread them. Then, the plot out of control: there are netizens broke the news, involving kindergartens tuition fees more than 10,000 per month, school bus fare of 2,000; the average price of the surrounding units are also about 410,000 square meters. And questioned this: A deputy departmental cadre family is this level of consumption?

Then, a "report on the situation of Yan Moumou" was circulating on the Internet. The report described the "chat shots" and reported the status of their marriage and children in the first person's tone. Later, based on this report, some netizens broke the news that “Yan Shuji” had a three-year-old son in addition to the one mentioned in the report.

The sensation developed here, the complexity of the matter and the problems exposed, have completely exceeded the original topic of "preschool education". At present, the Golden Apple Emily Kindergarten responded that the teachers involved were not expelled from the school; Jiaxiang Foreign Language School, who was allegedly assigned to Yan Moumou's "inherent student" status, denied having established a student. However, among all the voices, there is still no official response.

The reason why netizens hold onto it is because similar scripts are not uncommon. For example, Net Red “Uncle” Yang Dacai was initially questioned because an untimely smile appeared on the scene of the accident. However, his valuable wrist watch was inadvertently recognized by eye-users, causing a chain effect and causing a corruption case.

Another example is Nanjing CityThe former Director of the Real Estate Bureau of Jiangning District, Zhou Jiugeng, initially raised concerns because he had published inappropriate comments that “investigate developers who sell below the cost price”, but attentive netizens discovered the sky-high price of cigarettes at his desk, followed by watches, Problems such as the opening of luxury cars surfaced. Finally, they were sentenced to 11 years imprisonment for accepting bribes.

So this time, will the development of events be like this kind of plot trend? When some clues and “evidence” are placed on the Internet, the local authorities should not turn a blind eye and cannot turn a blind eye. For similar lyrics, the most correct response method for the relevant parties is to immediately follow up, verify the facts, and respond in a timely manner; silence or righteousness may make the development worse and adverse to all parties.

The truth is very simple. If these plots on the Internet are true, the “Secretary of Yan” deals with the source of property and whether they use their authority and influence to open backdoors for their daughters. Whether the problem of concealing or deceiving organization is involved in marriage and children issues. This kind of plausibleness requires an official authority voice to give a reasonable explanation.

From the standpoint of the “Secretary Yan”, checking and responding to various questions is not only responsible for the public and public opinion, but also for “Secretary Yan”. After all, if it is purely a misunderstanding, it should also be an innocence.

□ and return (media people)

The Beijing News: "Tolerance and lack of admissibility" is a reform of the "distribution service" with temperature Mon, 14 May 2018 14:58:43 +0800 admin Comparatively

The Kunming Panlong Police's “tolerance and admissibility” system has also provided a reminder to other window units and functional departments. How can we advance with temperature and wisdom? Service reform.

“I thought I couldn’t do it today, but I didn’t expect it to be accepted by the police station!” Kunming Citizen Xie arrived in Panlong District, New Yingfang Office on the 11th to settle the purchase and forgot to bring a photocopy of the real estate license, but Panlong Police The "tolerance and admissibility" system that was introduced a few days ago has saved her from the hassle of running another trip.

“The application materials are complete and will be accepted after meeting the statutory form” is the usual requirement of the household registration window. The “acceptance and inadmissibility” system of the account, residence permit, and identity card implemented by Panlong Branch of Kunming Public Security Bureau on May 1 broke this tradition. If the material submitted by the applicant is flawed or flawed and needs to be corrected or replaced, the window civilian police shall issue a notice of the deficiency and correction materials. After the applicant has made a written commitment, the window will be accepted and entered into the review process. Materials that need to be filled can be corrected by off-site methods such as mail, email, and fax.

"Role of admission" can be used as a development and supplement to "run once". It is precisely because of the "tolerance and acceptance" that allows citizens to supplement information afterwards in order to ensure better implementation of "up to one run."

However, the report on the “tolerance and acceptance” in Kunming still makes people feel that they are still not satisfied. Although Kunming's "tolerance and admissibility" service is for the people, the scope is only one district. The specific content is only for the police station to settle in. Compared with the many things that the citizen needs to handle, it cannot enjoy the "missing acceptance" treatment. In contrast, it is better to do better in Haizhu District of Guangzhou City. Since March of this year, Haizhu District has taken the lead in launching a “tolerance and acceptance” service in various fields and coverage to provide enterprises and citizens with a “green channel” for approval services. The "Role of Acceptance of Tolerances" involves 95 items of "tolerance and acceptance" in dozens of areas of the government. At the same time, the government has made publicly available the "tolerant materials", "repair methods" and "terms of tolerance" for these specific projects. When the staff members provide the public with "acceptance and admissibility" services, they only need to "follow the map" against the list. You can.

In short, after the “acceptance and acceptance of admittance” has begun to be practiced in some places, we should have a positive attitude. We can no longer be a few stars, but need to be in various places, departments, and administrative approval projects. Commonly bloomed.The Panlong Police's “tolerance and admissibility” system has also raised a wake-up call for other window units and functional departments. It is how to carry out the reform of the reform and management service in a warm and wise manner to ensure “maximum run once” effect. We will implement it in a good and normal manner.

□ Yin Guoan (Staff)

Beijing News: "shared nurses" have violated the practice of "dead hole" Mon, 14 May 2018 14:58:41 +0800 admin The third eye

For now, there is no serious accident with the “shared nurse” and all parties are “profit-makers”. However, in the event of a medical accident, there may be problems with unclear legal responsibilities. The patient is still unlucky.

Under the tide of the sharing economy, the “shared nurses” home delivery service vacated, which brought many conveniences to the patients, but it also caused a lot of controversy. Some patients who had undergone ostomy surgery because of having rectal cancer had to go to the hospital to change their pockets. This has become their heart disease. Today, the “shared nurse” app directly saves the time spent on the road and the queuing clinic, and it does not cost much. 200 yuan will be able to call a nurse home service.

Many users claimed that this is "no more money, and enjoy services that cannot be enjoyed in hospitals." Some media have praised sharing nurses for "confronting short nursing care and breaking traditional barriers to the medical industry." But there is another side to this industry.

For example, some nurses know that blood sampling is a violation of the diagnosis and treatment behavior, or take private lives; for example, "white needle" has always been a gray medical service, is prohibited by the regular medical institutions, But many "share nurses" openly offer such services. Even before there were reports that some “share nurses” only followed “diseases” and did not read prescriptions. They directly infused the patients and caused symptoms of discomfort.

Indeed, the nursing service of nurses is essentially the behavior of medical services. Its nature is different from that of ordinary home-based services. Treatments such as injections and infusions seem to be simple, but they are based on the professional standards of the entire medical institution and hardware equipment. For example, the regular hospital's infusion room will have strict drug testing, preparation procedures, and doctors on duty and rescue equipment. This is a "shared nurse" that does not have any services at home. They have no way of knowing whether the source of the drug is legal or not. If there is a drug response and there is no corresponding rescue equipment and doctor's guidance, medical risks may arise.

In terms of the legal system, “shared nurses” do part-time work and provide medical services outside of licensed medical institutions, which in itself is inconsistent with the existing nurses’ practice system. As early as March 2017, the Shanghai Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission made it clear that the sharing of nurses was in violation of practice, and the nurses “cannot provide medical and nursing services without obtaining a Medical Practice Permit”; The signing of the platform is also suspected of infringement.

At present, the "shared nurses" have not yet experienced a serious accident. All parties are "profit-makers": patients receive convenient nursing services; nurses receive additional income; and the platform side borrows the concept of "Internet+" and O2O. Speaking of the story. However, in the event of a medical accident, there may be problems with unclear legal responsibilities: Should the platform be held responsible, or will the nurse personally take responsibility? It was the patient itself who was unlucky.

For the emerging profession of “shared nurses”, killing a stick is the most labor-saving for functional departments. However, we must also see the legitimate appeal of the people behind the "shared nurses." China is entering an "ageing society." By 2020, the number of people over the age of 60 in the country will increase to 255 million, of which single-parent and empty-nest will increase to 118 million. For these elderly people, if there is a “shared nurse” with on-site service, it is indeed a big favor. For nurses, they can also reflect their value through "shared nurses" service.

One side is the public's need for home care services, and the other is the day-to-day medical security. Both should be considered by decision makers. In fact, in the past few years, the national health department has provided doctors with more practice, and has encouraged them in many ways to support the policy. It is hoped that doctors can do their best to break the geographical impasse of medical resources and allow excellent medical resources to benefit more patients. "Shared nurses" and "multiple practice" are the same reason.

The “shared nurses” have grown wild for many years and hope that the functional departments can continue the government’s “prudential and inclusive” concept for the Internet, innovate in a regulatory model, and regulate this in various aspects such as access, insurance, and platform responsibilities. Emerging industries, let this emerging industry get rid of gray.

□Shen Bin (media person)

Wenchuan Earthquake raise banner to be a paratrooper boy Mon, 14 May 2018 14:58:40 +0800 admin Original title: The boy from the Wenchuan Earthquake holding a banner to be a paratrooper is now the monitor of the Huang Jiguang class

Airborne Boy Cheng Qiang:

Character files

Cheng Qiang is 22 years old. His hometown earthquake 10 years ago and Cheng Qiang who witnessed the earthquake rescue will “grow me up. The paratrooper's banner was over his head. 10 years later, Cheng Qiang dreamed that the current paratrooper was an airborne model with a squad leader.

The tenth most wanted to say

The earthquake changed me, made me have faith in the target and became a member of the hero's collective. When the party and the people need us, we must fulfill our mission and complete our mission!

“When I grew up, I was paratroopers.” From thin quake fortunes to strong and capable airborne, Cheng Qiang spent 10 years practicing his promise. "The earthquake changed me and made me have a goal and become a member of the heroic team." A model airborne paratrooper airborne troops, even the 38th squad leader of the “Huang Jiguang Class”, said that Namu’s camouflage green, which brings hope, is now worn on his own body.

Umbrella brings hope from heaven.

On May 12, 2008, 12-year old boy Cheng Qiang experienced the most memorable day of his life. The earthquake caused his school to die. More than 60 people, his home is also a mess. Can no longer play groundwater to drink from the well, living and drinking water has become a problem, coupled with their loved ones in the mine can not contact, Cheng Qiang and his family anxious and helpless. On the second day, many villagers came in uniform. They braved the aftershocks to rescue the villagers, helped the villagers to set up tents, and dropped supplies such as mineral water and canned goods from the air. The airborne dense parachute became an unforgettable picture of Cheng Qiang's eternal life. Relief supplies fell from the sky, giving desperate villagers the hope of survival. Cheng Qiang later learned that these “heroes” who came forward in the midst of a crisis had a name—airborne.

“From the golden rescue to the earthquake, we helped us plant the fungus and restore agricultural production and rebuild our home. The paratroops and the villagers live together every day and have become our relatives.” Cheng Qiang recalled, when he was thin, He often followed behind the paratroopers. "Where are they? Where do I go? I think they are very kind and they make me feel safe."/p>

More than three months later, the troops embarked on their way home and the local people gave them away. Cheng Qiang expressed his gratitude by raising his banner “Let me be a deserted soldier” over his head.

“The disaster relief hero planted the seeds of soldiers in my heart. I want to be like them.” Six years later, the 18-year-old Cheng could not wait to participate in the conscription. When enrolled in the army, he did not hesitate to fill in the volunteer - "airborne."

Excellent quality when the squad leader

"Three swollen three eliminations, before going to the sky" is a popular term for soldiers training for parachuting. Cheng Qiang said that paragliding is used for parachuting and the impact of landing is small. The umbrellas used by the paratroopers have a large landing impact due to their vertical descent. They must carry weapons and equipment when they are parachuting. They are highly demanding on the leg strength, operational ability, and ability to handle special situations.

In order to deal with the impact of landing, the airborne early stage requires special training to enhance leg strength. "We are on a two-meter-high table with knees, toes and ankles jumping up and down and jumping dozens of times a day." Three months later, Cheng Qiang's knees and ankles swelled three times and disappeared three times. Finally he trained. A pair of iron legs.

The actions that others do, Cheng Qiang insisted on doing it three times. When others are at rest, Cheng Qiang alone gives himself "a small stove." Even so, for the first time when he was standing at an altitude of 1000 meters, he still played "withdraw". "Say not afraid to be fake, but think about my fate with the airborne forces. I asked myself why I didn't insist on it and overcome my timidity to break through." When the plane rises to a predetermined altitude, he shouts "Learning to the pilot, Pay tribute to the pilot," jumped out of the cabin. Cheng Qiang, who defeated the fear, was not only selected as a demonstration parachutist, but also eventually became an umbrella trainer because of his achievements.

Through the sweat on the training ground, with strong skills, Cheng Qiang finally came to his dream team of heroes, Huang Jiguang and his company. In October 2017, Cheng Qiang was formally appointed as the 38th squad leader of the "Huang Jiguang Class." "Think of Huang Jiguang and his legs are hard. With this belief, we can compete for the first place in the contest. In the party and the people When we need us, we must fulfill our mission and complete our mission!”

Beijing Morning Post reporter Zhang Wei/Wen Shengchao/Photography

What happened to children who were worried about by the people in the Wenchuan earthquake? Mon, 14 May 2018 14:58:38 +0800 admin Character files

Lang Lang, after the earthquake The three-year-old Lang Yigang was dug out of the rubble and paid a military salute to the PLA. "The salute doll" spread from there. Now, the 13-year-old Lang Yi is collecting clues from all parties to find the PLA soldiers who rescued him.

Lin Hao, 9-year-old second-year pupil Lin Haozhen He ventured back to the rubble to rescue two students and moved a lot of people. Lin Hao also participated in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games. Now, Lin Hao is preparing for the college entrance examination. His dream is to be an actor.

Xue Hao, Xue Hao was rescued from the rubble that year. After that, the first sentence was, "Uncle, remember to give me cola, to be frozen," and he was therefore called "Cola Boy." This year's 27-year-old Xue Hao is the curator of the Chengdu Coca-Cola Museum.

Lang Yi: I'm just like any other student.

Lin Hao: The experience of the earthquake made me strong. It also opened the door for me to do a lot of things later. Afterwards, whatever I do, I will never forget my heart and treasure the moment.

Xue Hao: The world is very big. There are many things you can do. There are many things you can achieve. Tens of years ago, the kind of catastrophic disaster survived. What else can be done?

Wenchuan Earthquake changed the destiny of many people. Their loved ones passed away, houses collapsed, villages were destroyed, and the lives of those who died were fixed in the moment when the earth moved. The fate of the survivors also changed. Among them, three children were widely known. They participated in Beijing Olympics.Lin Hao of the opening ceremony, "Cola Boy" Xue Xi, and "Sincere Doll" Lang Yi. Ten years have passed. What happened to the three children?

A child who is worried about by the people of the country

When the earthquake struck, Langji, 3 years old, was on the way to Qushan Kindergarten in Beichuan County. After the earthquake, he was crushed under the rubble. In Langji’s own words, because of his youth, the memory at that time was “completely fragmented.” “My parents said that I was buried for more than ten hours and it was the uncle of the PLA who saved my life.”

On the second day after the earthquake, the sky was not yet bright. Lang Lang, who had just been dug out of the rubble and was seriously injured in his left arm, was lifted by a prefabricated plate lifted by the PLA. He raised his right hand to face Everyone honored a military service. This picture was captured by reporter Yang Weihua. The "Courtesy doll" spread from here to see crying millions of people for the people in the disaster-stricken area.

At the same time, at the Yuxixi Primary School in Yingxiu, Wenchuan, 200 kilometers away, the second grade primary school student Lin Haozhen returned to the rubble and rescued two students. His photo of a wounded, yet firm eye, was uploaded on the web and moved many people.

And Xue Hao doesn't seem to be so fortunate, but he is absolutely fatal. 80 hours after the earthquake, the golden rescue time has passed and Xue Yucai was rescued in the ruins of a collapsed four-story school building at Hanwang Dongqi Middle School in Mianzhu. His first sentence was, “Uncle, remember to give me Coke, To be frozen." This sentence was captured on television and he was called "Cola Boy".

Several children are well-known and their names are closely related to the Wenchuan Earthquake. Every year around May 12, interviews and filming and invitation telephone calls are extremely numerous. In 10 years, the children grew into youth, and the teenagers entered adulthood. They experienced life and death prematurely and were “being watched” from their childhood. They were more or less different from their peers.

Premature "fame" to change life

Lang Yi's father, Lang Hongdong, is a police officer and his mother, Wu Xiaohong, is a cadre from a township in Beichuan. Lang Lang has lived with grandparents since he started kindergarten. A family of three is basically only reunited at the weekend. Lang Hongdong told the Beijing Morning Post reporter that after the earthquake, the communication was interrupted and he was busy with the rescue. He learned that the son's surviving news was a week after the earthquake. “I thought at the time that this kid was big.”

The whole family is no stranger to Langji's ability to salute. “We have been serving as soldiers for generations, and I have been carrying him in the army, intentionally or unintentionally, since childhood.So these he will, and know what to use, what it means.”

Lang Lang is a bit shy, “I don’t quite remember what I was thinking at the time, nor was it clear to the hospital to see my Wen Jiabao. Who is the grandfather?” But ignorant he let the people of the country all remember, interviews, sympathy, and advertisements, endorsements, film and television drama invitations come from all over the country. Lang Hongdong said that Lang Yi experienced a psychological disorder, once did not like Speaking, afraid of the night, unwilling to leave the mother, unwilling to contact strangers, and even the sudden sound of closing the door can scare him out of his way, rejecting all commercial performances, endorsement activities, and even avoiding interviews. The child's simplest approach, "We only hope that he is healthy and happy to grow up like the past."

Xue Hao later did not like the title of "Cola Boy", "draw too much attention and help. When I lost my right arm, I practiced my left hand and I feel very comfortable now. To tell the truth, I don't want to be bothered in life, and I don't want to be recognized, pictured, or chatted on all occasions.”

Compared to Lang Lang, Lin Hao was so experienced when facing reporters. In addition to his age, he has more to do with his experience.In the years after the earthquake, he shot advertisements, film and television dramas, accepted endorsements, attended social events, and founded charity funds. Lin Hao’s agent was also called by him. Tian Tianliang, who is Tian Da, began to enter Lin Hao's life in 2009. He once replaced the role of parents. Tian Wanliang clearly remembers that from the earthquake to 2013, Lin Hao took more than 200 aircrafts. "He and the ordinary Children like to learn and play, but unlike ordinary children, the experience of the earthquake made him 'needed' too early.”

Kobayashi had no deep understanding of “needed,” but After touching the film and television drama, he gradually fell in love with this matter.From 2008 to 2013, he participated in 13 film and television works, more than 20 songs and MV works, frequently appearing as "actor". In front of the public.

"Relocated to Shanghai", " The rumors of doubting and saving people, and being "not working properly," have never stopped. At the end of last year, Lin Hao's news about participating in the arts test again made him return to the public view. Another person came out and said, "He didn't talk about learning architecture in the past. ? Now how do you think of being an actor?” “This child has changed.”

But Lin Hao told the Beijing Morning Post reporter, “The actor is also a profession, the past 5 yearsThere are no more film and television dramas in the collection. They are precipitation, arbitrage culture classes and art classes. What's wrong with my choice of my favorite career? I know that in many people's understanding, an actor equals a star, which equals to tens of millions. However, I am able to enjoy the process of filming from my heart. I can create many characters and can experience it, release it on stage, and show a character.

Seeing “outside world” in advance

It is not easy to contact them in this interview.

Lang Hongdong has been busy with work and has always said “I'm sorry” to reporters. However, after reading the outline of the interview, he still set a time for himself and asked Lang Lang himself to face the reporter's aunt.

Lin Hao, who will be attending the college entrance examination next month, entered closed learning. In his state, Tian Wanliang was busy dealing with him all external things.When he was questioned, Tian Wanliang was agitated. “Since the age of nine, he was hung high on the wall, but he was just an ordinary left-behind child. Accepting advertisements and making movies did make him red and made him earn some money, but it was not rumored to be rich. In these years, Lin Hao used the money he had earned in previous years to make up for classes, went to art schools, and supported the family's daily expenses. What's wrong?

Tian Wanliang felt that too many people were too harsh on Lin Hao. "There are so many child stars. Why is Lin Hao only being an actress? Without such experience, it is very difficult for left-behind children like him to step out of the mountains and not enjoy the current resources.”

That year, Kobayashi did not understand why others would question, ironically, jokes on the Internet. Once he cried and asked Tian Wanliang, "Why did this reporter write? I didn't say anything like this.” Now that he has faced them again, he has been very calm. Tian Wanliang said, “No way, these things he must accept.”

The 27-year-old Xue Hao is a Chengdu Coca-Cola Museum director, before the interview, he had been on business trips in other places, running around and never stopped on weekends. “The work is very busy and very fulfilling.” When he was adult, he knew that the label “Cola Boy” could not be removed, and he simply understood Become a "happy boy." He said that after experiencing the earthquake, he was more cheerful than before, "more and more people are coming into contact and see the outside world."

Thanksgiving is a common growth keyword<

Lang Hongdong’s circle of friends has a lot of photos of his son, most of whom are Lang Lang’s positive appearance in the stadium. The one-millimeter header makes him look full of heroism. It is difficult to see that he is only 13 years old. Playing time in the week is father and sonThe two most cherished, often going out for two or three hours, went home sweating.

The trauma of the earthquake has calmed down. “I like my classmates and like to play and love to read books. I like football, basketball and table tennis since childhood. I represent the school team to participate in the competition. I have won many awards.” Lang Lang is a bit embarrassed.

After becoming a "Little Hero of Earthquake Relief," Lin Hao also won numerous awards, but this did not make him as "rich". At present, the family still rents an old residential area in Chengdu. Parents go out to work. He focuses on learning and does not participate in any activities other than public welfare.

After the Spring Festival this year, Lin Hao participated in the art examinations of several schools, including Central Academy of Drama and Shanghai Theater Academy, in Beijing and Shanghai. However, he told the Beijing Morning Post reporter that he had not received any retest notice from the school and he is now working hard to prepare for the college entrance examination. What hasn't changed is, "I'm still going to be an actor."

Lang Yi makes parents proud. Lang Hongdong said that his son had a strong personality since he was a child. “When he was walking, he fell and I never pulled, but encouraged him to get up.”

At the beginning of last month, Lang Lang told his father that he wanted to find the uncle of the People's Liberation Army that had saved him. He wanted to know how well they are doing and he hoped that they would get experience in the army as they did in the future. The search for the People’s Liberation Army quickly received clues from all parties. The family found six soldiers in photos. Lang Hongdong said, "They have all been retired from all over the country. We are still looking for other positions in the hope that we will have the opportunity to regroup."

His son had such an idea that Lang Hongdong was very proud. “He knows how to be grateful, has a dream, and is inseparable from the care and help he received after the earthquake. My mother and I thank you very much for your care, but The greatest wish is that he can grow up healthily and happily. We will work hard to educate him and develop him into a useful person for the society."

Xue Hao does not deny that he can work with Coca-Cola and his "Cola Boy" title. Said to be the curator, he wants to plan the operation plan, but also to continue to give everyone to do the explainer, this work makes him more open and calm. In recent months, many people seem to have come exclusively to see me. “Group photos are indispensable, and I can handle them with all my heart. But in the future, I still hope that everyone will not only remember the Coke Boy but I don’t know Xue Hao. I will also strive to make some achievements so that everyone can really remember."

And ordinary young peopleLike everyone else, Xue Hao plays games, gathers, and chases after-hours in his spare time. He will also contact the students who survived 10 years ago. “Although not in a city, we have special feelings, but chat is basically When we talk about the status quo, we rarely recall the events of the year and we don't want to bring up students who have already died. We must now be grateful and we must also pass this thanksgiving to others."

“Thanksgiving” is also a thing that Lin Haochang was pregnant with. In addition to the creation of the Love Chain Charity Fund, he said that he wanted to be an actor and also have the purpose of doing charity. “I grew up in the mountains since childhood, but also Going to be a village official's idea, but the village official may be helping only a village, and the actor can also act as a village official, which can be transformed into a spiritual force, calling for more people to pay attention to the left-behind children in the village and perhaps even more influential."

Beijing Morning Post reporter Jingjing Zhang

Wenchuan Earthquake Escape Student Huang Meilan: It's Good to Say to Live Every 512th Mon, 14 May 2018 14:58:36 +0800 admin Character files

Huang Meilan (inset), At the age of 26, he escaped from the fourth floor with a bed sheet in a school dormitory 10 years ago. Ten years later, Huang Meilan and her classmates returned to Beichuan to mourn the deceased in front of a dormitory building that was already in ruins.

Zhao Yifan (larger picture), 26 years old, 10 years Before she escaped with the help of "Life Rope", 10 years later, with her 3-year-old daughter, she started her business three times and finally found her peace of mind.

Ten Years Most Wanted

I will strive to live better and better! Cherish the moment, cherish everyone who loves me and I love!

After the Wenchuan earthquake, the mother of Huang Meilan, a female student of Beichuan Vocational High School, walked for several tens of kilometers until she found her daughter. Huang Meilan and her classmate Zhao Yifan used bed sheets to form a knot and lived in a dormitory. Building climbed down to escape. These sheets became the ropes of life for these female students. Ten years later, on May 2nd, a reporter from the Beijing Morning Post saw Beichuan Vocational Middle School, which is already a site, seeing that the sheets that were tied together to form a “string of life” were still in the same year (see larger image). After the weather, there is no longer any bright color and it becomes broken. The original four-story dormitory building now has only three floors exposed. The ground floor has been buried forever in the ground.

Every day I want to “live well”

On May 2th, Huang Meilan and Zhao Yifan returned to Beichuan with their classmates in a ruined dormitory building. Before the ceremony, silence, flowers.

“I live on the fourth floor and count the fourth door from left to right.” Huang Meilan gazed at the dormitory building of the boyhood. This is not the first time that she has returned. It is just that she is particularly reluctant or afraid to come back. “Looking at these houses, everything that happened at the time, I can't forget it.”

May 12, 2008 1At 4:28 pm, Huang Meilan slept deep in the dormitory, and classes at 14:30 were late. In an instant, the earth moved. "The stairs are gone. There is no way to go downstairs. We have to tie the sheets together and hang down from the fourth floor." This is the famous "Lifeline" of Beichuan Vocational Middle School.

Zhao Yifan, who lived on the third floor of the dormitory, also escaped from "the rope of life." At 14:28, she was still unforgettable in the moment of the landslide. There was a big hole in the ceiling and floor of the dormitory, and some students fell straight down from the hole. On the other side of the dormitory building is a dry river. The river is full of pebbles. A strong earthquake strikes and a classmate is thrown from the balcony into the bare river. "There was an aftershock at any time. I didn't think anything. With a desire for survival, everyone desperately tied the sheets. The teachers shouted downstairs."

Trapped The girls had a total of three "strands of life", and they climbed down the stairs to escape. After the earthquake, in June 2008, Shandong Dezhou Auto & Motorcycle Academy took more than 100 students from Beichuan Vocational School to study for free and studied for two years.

Other than life and death, everything else is trivial.

After graduating, Huang Meilan and eight classmates were admitted together by Japanese companies and went to Japan to study and work for three years.

Every 5/12, Huang Meilan would like to say: "Living is good." Most of the students who had survived were married, there were real estate sales, there were car repairs, there were self-employment, and everyone was living very hard. "Ten years have passed, and seeing those who have experienced this catastrophe now live so hard and strong, the people of heaven will feel happy." Standing in front of the ruins of his alma mater, Huang Meilan said.

Huang Meilan said that on the day of the 5th and 12th Anniversary, he will return to Beichuan to “remember his family, friends, classmates and my childhood.”

year. In the ten years, Zhao Yifan returned to Beichuan three times. Some classmates' names have gradually become blurred in her mind. Before each time I stop by the ruins of the school, I can see the sentry boxes that were buried deep in the ground and left only the roof. All the scenes that have passed away can be reproduced.

In the ten years, Zhao Yifan experienced three startups and failed and succeeded. Today, Zhao Yifan opened two stores in Huaibei and Suzhou, Anhui provinces. In the winter, the two hot pots were sold together and sold in a booming market. Her 3-year-old daughter has gone to kindergarten. Although she sometimes feels lost,The nets also cried when they saw the video of the earthquake, but they also persuaded themselves to be strong. “After all, life and death have gone through. All the problems are minor.”

Beijing Morning Post reporter Wang Hailiang/Wen Wangying/Photography< /p>

Guterres welcomes the seventh China, Japan and South Korea summit Mon, 14 May 2018 14:58:35 +0800 admin Original title: Guterres welcomes the 7th China, Japan and South Korea summit meeting

On the 10th, local time, UN Secretary-General Guterres issued a statement through a spokesperson on May 9. The 7th China, Japan, and South Korea leaders’ meeting in Tokyo, Japan, welcomed the welcome of Guterres at the same time for the support of the three countries of China, Japan and Korea for the Panmunjom Declaration and the cooperation for the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Guterres hoped that the common resolve of the countries in Northeast Asia will make the road to lasting peace and prosperity in the region stronger. (CCTV Zhu Li)

Stewardess killed by drip suspect was caught in the net Mon, 14 May 2018 14:58:33 +0800 admin Original title: Air hostess killed by drip suspects still drunk Draw drops posted under many netizens had been harassed Screenshots

According to Voice of China "News aspect" report: 10th, 1st The news of flight attendants killed in Zhengzhou in Di Zheng attracted widespread attention. According to reports, the dead stewardess was 21 this year and is the only child in the family. On May 6, the victim was taken to the city after taking a ride in Zhengzhou Airport Port and was killed.

Zhengzhou police said that the incident was retrieved by the task force. Multi-channel monitoring near the ground showed that the suspect Liu Mouhua had abandoned the car and jumped into the river after committing the crime. As of press time, the police are fully engaged in search and arrest in the relevant regions. Zhengzhou Police’s official Weibo commented under its warning: “Live to meet people, die to see the dead!”

Last night, Didi also announced a reward of 1 million yuan to find the killing of the passengers. The driver of the car and announced the name, ID number and telephone information of the rider. Didi said that if you find the whereabouts of the driver, please avoid direct contact with this person, and immediately call the police or call clues call 010-83041110.

Earlier, DDT announced that it was Ms. Li, a Zhengzhou rider, was extremely sad and guilty. "We sincerely apologized to Ms. Li's family. As a platform, we have lost the trust of our users. We have an inescapable responsibility in this matter." The victim’s affiliated Xiang Peng Airlines issued a statement on its official Weibo, saying that he was deeply saddened by the misfortune of the employee Lee, and expressed his deepest condolences to the families of the injured employees. The company will firmly protect the personal safety of employees and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests. And will spare no effort to provide legal advice, psychological assistance and other help and support for their families.

According to the “Metropolitan Report” of the Henan media, Lee’s flight attendant, whose daughter was killed, is 21 years old. On the morning of May 6, her father, Mr. Li, gave it to her. He called but did not get through. Lee had just flew to Zhengzhou two days ago and his daughter couldn't get in contact. Mr. Li was in a hurry and he immediately reported the case. Mr. Li said that the night before, his daughter took a ride in Zhengzhou Airport. A car rushed to the city, and no one thought of it. The news of her daughter’s accident was received. A friend of the family of the flight attendant Lee’s family told the Xinhua News Reporter that Lee was flying from Kunming to Zhengzhou on May 5. After dressing in the hotel that was signed with the airline that night, he went out at 11:50 pm to take a drip.

Also, last night After the release of the reward information on the official Weibo, it also sparked heated discussions. The reporter found that there are also multiple users in the Weibo message. Having sunk out a screenshot or experience of the conversation that was being harassed by other rider drivers, this raised doubts about the certification and screening of riders, and according to Dickie’s previous response, the platform would ask for three when reviewing the registration information of the rider. Verification, that is, ID cards, driving licenses, and driver's licenses must be true and effective, and the driving age needs to be more than one year.Dripping platform will cooperate with the public security department to conduct background screening for the owners of vehicles, eliminate criminal record personnel, at large, Drug addicts, severe mental patients and other personnel entered the platform.

Reporters: Hu Xiaohui, Man Zhaoxu