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According to China Railway Corporation news, China's first high-speed railway through the Qinling Mountains, Xi'an to Chengdu high-speed railway (referred to as the West into the high-speed rail) will be Jiangyou On December 6 officially opened for operation, thus West into high-speed rail across the board. Xicheng High Speed ​​Rail is not only China's first high-speed railway connecting the southwest and northwest regions across the Qinling Mountains connecting the north-south dividing line of the motherland, but also an important part of China's rapid passenger transport channel.

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West into the high-speed rail to Xi'an, Xi'an North East total length of 658 km, the entire operating speed of 250km / h, line from Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, along After Hanzhong and Guangyuan entered Sichuan Province, they joined existing Mianyang-Chengdu-Leshan Railway at Jiangyou Station and finally entered Chengdu. The West into the high-speed rail in Sichuan through the Dabashan, Sichuan Basin oil and gas tectonic zone and other complex geological areas, so the West into the high-speed rail has a high ratio of bridge to tunnel. Among them, there are 36 tunnels and 76 bridges on the main line of the Xicheng High Speed ​​Rail in Sichuan Province. The total length of the bridge tunnel is 136 kilometers, accounting for 82.4% of the total length of the line. This is a typical mountainous area high-speed railway. Xi'an to the Jiangyou high-speed rail segment with Xi'an North, 阿 房宫, Yiyi, Foping, Yangxian West, Chenggu North, Hanzhong, Ningqiang South, Chaotian , Guangyuan, Jianmen Pass, Qingchuan, Jiangyou North, Jiangyou and other stations, of which Chaotian, Jianmenguan, Qingchuan, Jiangyou North four stations for the new station in Sichuan Province.

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Chongqing and Northwest will be more convenient and efficient.

Chengdu to Xi'an, the shortest travel time will be compressed from the current 11 hours to about 4 hours;

Chongqing to Xi'an, the shortest travel time from the current 9 hours to about 5 hours. During the initial stage of operation, a total of 19 pairs of EMUs were arranged, of which 7 were pairs from Xi'an North to Chengdu and 2 pairs to Chongqing North and 10 pairs to Hanzhong. After the end of the year, it is expected that the Xicheng High Speed ​​Rail will be full of maps and a total of 62 pairs of EMUs will be arranged, of which 49 will be direct EMUs, 36 pairs of east Xi'an to Chengdu and 12 pairs of Chongqing North, To Hanzhong 1 pair.

The train stops at the station. Wang Peng She

full second-class seat fare 263 yuan It is understood that Chengdu East Xi'an North full Second-class seat fare is 263 yuan, Guangyuan to Xi'an North second-seat fare is 152 yuan. The fastest passenger is expected to arrive at the 18th of this (3) day through the station windows, ticketing outlets, 12306 websites and mobile clients to purchase the first day after opening For a period of time the West into the high-speed rail train tickets.

Climbing the "First Slope" of China's High Speed ​​Rail: 1,100 meters on the ramp

, From the Qingliangshan tunnel all the way uphill, of which a section of up to 45 km, with a slope of 25% of the slope is currently the longest continuous growth of high-speed rail ramp, the ramp straight drop 1100 meters for the national The most.

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ActionWhen the car climbs continuously in the tunnel group, the inside of the car feels very smooth. According to the running speed of 250 kilometers, there are 3 floors above the front and the rear of the car.

Motor car driver test: 4 seconds to climb a floor

Motor car up to 45 km of continuous climb In the process of slope, every 1 km advanced and 25 meters above sea level, according to the calculation of 250 kilometers per hour, the motor car will climb 1 storey in less than 4 seconds and will be a great test for driver control and vehicle power.

Moving cars. In the high-speed railway passing through the Qinling Mountains, terrain constraints, the train reached the highest point after the ramp began downhill, if not properly manipulated, climbing up the accumulation of Strong power will be in the "change point" into a strong potential energy, motor car drivers must respond within 10 seconds, at the right place and timing, precise adjustment of current, smooth increase in braking capacity, in order to ensure train stability and comfort Sex.

High Speed ​​Rail Internet connection "West Triangle"

The opening of the Xicheng High Speed ​​Rail can be regarded as the Xi'an As the center of the "m" type high-speed rail network, "a write." The West into the high-speed rail opened, Shaanxi Province will be the first to open an EMU trains southwest. By then, Xi'an North Railway Station directly to the capital cities and municipalities will be increased to 23.

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China Railway Xi'an Xu Jiangen, deputy chief engineer of Bureau Group Co., Ltd .: In the future, it will build a rice-shaped high-speed rail network centered on the Xi'an Railway Terminal, including Zhengxi, Zeeland, West Highways, West Highways, West Highways and Chongqing High Speed ​​Rail and a block type high-speed railway network of meters and meters. It has become an important transport hub connecting the west with the east, north and southwest, northwest and south China, the north and the south. According to Zhang Baotong, a researcher at Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Xicheng High Speed ​​Rail broke through the barrier of Qinling Mountain and integrated "leading fossils in the northwest" and "leading fossils in the southwest." He put three major central cities in the west Even into an iron triangle, the formation of the "West Triangle", it is expected to become the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin after the fourth growth pole.

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