Can not help, this little busy, I will not help you!

Once, microblogging users @ 0792z said: "In adults, social etiquette, there is no refreshing To promise is to refuse. "The microblogging caused a large number of forwarding, microblogging users have with the text:

Everyone who saw this news, my heart is a few lines? "

" Unfortunately, some people do not force you to understand myself "

The end of the season approaching, always saw the students tortured by group homework, grievances in the circle of grievances in friends more interesting is that in the group homework topic, miserable , "Talking about teamwork change color" is often not those in the traditional sense of academic residue, but excellent performance, ability to pull the group of Xueba.

In the teacher sent When the task of the group homework, school hegemony often do not need to bother looking for members, there will be flocking "thigh" who quickly formed a qualified team.

As usual convention, Xue Ba leader accepted the "hug thigh" classmates, followed by stay up all night data is the leader, the morning rush papers is the leader, bubble library ppt prepared to show the leader. And these hardships together into excellent results, but each salted fish teammates are Take a cup of soup. "Each of the" thigh "carry group operations, my heart may have a name of" I will never do with a group of waste wood group operations A "history of blood and tears.

However, Difficult A few days ago, the Youth Survey Joint Questionnaire, a survey of 2001 respondents showed that the need to reject the case, 54.3% of the Respondents dare to say "no", 14.2% of respondents dare.60.4% of respondents are worried that "no" affect the relationship with each other, 73.1% of respondents think they should learn to say "no." < Of the respondents, 00 accounted for 0.8%, 90.7 accounted for 25.7%, 80 accounted for 50.5%, 70 accounted for 16.3% and 60 accounted for 5.8%.

54.3% of the respondents dared to say "no", 14.2% of the respondents did not dare, and 31.5% of the respondents did not it is good .

Behind the psychological reasons for not saying "no"? In the "Youth Survey" interview, 58.0% of respondents were unfriendly and unwilling to lose their face; 54.9% of respondents felt that they were living in the impression of other people and would not want to lose the praise and affection of others; 41.5 % Of respondents were fully aware of their existence value in "pleasing" other people's needs; 30.6% of the respondents had social anxiety and fear of losing each other; 11.7% of respondents were neglected and not loved Experience.

We can not say a simple "no" for a variety of reasons. Like hiding over school to give you a snack package, pitifully begging you, "I will mix the usual sub-children on the line," the Qiao classmates, after work or hiding sitting across from your station, when you travel Free purchasing lipsticks milk diaper colleagues. Escape the store clerk in the cosmetics store on the endless sales promotion of the "three noes" cosmetics bombing, the New Year home can not escape seven aunt eight aunt to "addicted to work Refuse to love "you, arranged to turn the blind date to the General Assembly.

Life is always our life.

We always think that without saying "no", we can get a more harmonious relationship, a more smooth life path, or just less trouble. As everyone knows, those that should have been denied and we are obedient to answer down, but why are those who give us trouble.

I do not want to help you as a group homework, I'm going to look for every grade teammate that I take seriously.

I do not want to help you to buy milk powder, I would like to easily drag the luggage back.

I do not want to stand here listening to you for those cosmetics that I do not use, I have to choose. I do not want to go to blind date, I think first in the big city to see the lights of the Beijing office slowly extinguished, look at the Financial Street to Huilong view of the stream gradually subsided.

Remember that in an adult's social etiquette, no refusal is readily refuted. All "I do not want" are only the last to blurt out the refusal

So, can not.

Author / Ye Danxuan

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