Beijing self-built housing fire caused 5 death: fire electric car ride during the day and night charge

Original title: Ignition of self-drawn electric wire electric car "riding in the evening during the day"

Early this morning, a villager from Shibalidian Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Injured. On the 37th, the Crime Squad was informed from the firefighters at the scene that the electric bicycle was the first to cause a fire. Before a fire, a tenant pulled out a wire from the second floor and charged the electric car through a wiring board.

On-site household talk, fire Electric car owners are a decorator, "charging downstairs every day, cycling during the day, night charging."

Description: Fire electric car "ride the night filling during the day"

"I heard the aunt next door shouting 'fire', just ran out quickly with her husband, who were burned clothes. "Chaoyang Shibalili shop fire scene, has lived more than a year residents Chen said that the fire time around 1 am, the incident corridor only one meter wide and often parked battery car.

Miao surname households also said that the incident has been to sleep, suddenly heard shouting "on fire", wearing autumn clothes Qiuku to run out. He said the electric car owner from Sichuan was a decorator, "charging downstairs every day, riding during the day and charging at night." Another witness said that when a battery car caught fire, "the fire did not enter the house and several of our residents carried a few buckets of water and put it out. After putting it out, it was found that someone on the ground had stopped moving."

a layer of fire on the corridor.

Scene: smoked smoked to the 3rd floor, there is only one escape exit

A total of 4 layers of fire from the building, the following three layers of about 30 houses, the fourth floor is a glass roof. The first floor of 16 rooms, each room more than 10 square meters. The overall structure of the building was "back" shape, each floor has only one staircase, two fire electric vehicles were placed on the first floor of the stairs.

Detectives can smell significant electrical burn after entering the ground floor. From the scene, the detective saw that smoke had smoked from the first floor to the third floor. In the walkway about one meter wide, there are quilts covered by footprints on the ground, leaving only two dark electric cars on the walkway. There are many living room supplies, scattered on the ground with clothing.

The burning electric vehicle is located under the stairs. The scene firefighters introduced that the electric vehicle could easily lead to toxic smoke when it caught fire. In addition, it was located at the exit of the corridor, which made it difficult to escape. In addition, the roof and walls are color plate, the interior is a foam material, once burned, will produce toxic gases. According to today's news of Beijing Fire, at 1:18 on December 13, 119 command center received an alarm. A villager from Baizizi Village, Shibalili Dianxiang, Chaoyang District, made a fire from his own building. The command center Dispatched two squadrons of 9 fire engines rushed to the scene for disposal. After initial scene investigation, the electric bicycle caused a fire and a total of 13 trapped people were rescued. Five of them were killed and eight were wounded without danger of life.

The second floor washing machine and water pipes are burned. Interview: Fire Building Within Range of Collection

Shibalidian Township government and Chaoyang firefighters told officers that fire buildings were within the scope of government collection and had previously issued a safety notice. Site survey found that there are many fire buildings hidden fire safety hazards. Shibalidian Township, a staff member said that the site of the original fire villagers homestead, belonging to self-built houses, a total of three layers, the villagers after the lease. The owner is a native of the village and lives in the building. Currently, the area belongs to the government. On November 16, the homeowner has signed a demolition agreement. Recently, some tenants moved out of the house, but they did not finish the move. Earlier, had issued a safety notice.

Fire and Fire Department Chaoyang introduction, through on-site exploration and found that there are many fire hazards, and does not meet fire safety requirements. For example, there are a lot of debris piled up in the firestorm corridor, many fly lines overhead, there are many common three-hole patch panels, "These are forbidden."

In addition, according to the regulations, such places of residence are not allowed to cook for fire, but there are gas tanks, induction cooktops in the building aisles and there is no fire service. In accordance with the fire safety requirements, electric bicycles are not allowed to be placed in the corridor, you must have a separate charging pile in the outdoors, but the scene of the electric car fire, but from the second floor extension of the wiring board, and through a thick wire for direct charging .

Fire electric cars.

Hidden troubles: Electric car fire occurs mostly when charging

According to CCTV survey, with the increase in the number of electric bicycles, fires caused by electric bikes nationwide are also on the rise. In the three years of 2011, 2012 and 2013 alone, a total of 799 fires of electric bicycles were collected by fire departments across the country, killing 95 people and injuring 58 others.

In April this year, an electric bicycle shelter in a university in Fujian suddenly caught fire early in the morning. Hundreds of bicycles and electric bicycles were burned down. Some burned skeletons, and many burned electric bicycles were connected to the charger. Fire Department initially ruled that the electric bicycle charging caused a fire, but fortunately the fire did not cause casualties.

In October 2015, a fire broke out in Haikou City, Hainan Province, causing 10 people to be treated for medical treatment due to inhalation injury. Three of them were seriously injured. And the culprit of the fire is also charging electric bicycles.

It is understood that the current social status of electric bicycles has more than 200 million vehicles, while the probability of electric bicycles fire every year is two hundred thousandths. A fire department according to the probability of one hundred thousandth of the probability of fire conservative calculation, then the annual occurrence of electric bicycle fire at least 2000. It is noteworthy that survey data provided by fire departments across the country show that 75% of e-bike fires occur while charging.

EV battery short circuit, the resulting high current can instantly ignite the wire adhesive and the surrounding combustibles. In addition, due to extensive use of engineering plastics, polyurethanes, rubber and other flammable and combustible materials in the production process, electric bikes not only burn rapidly but also have high calorific value and large amount of smoke when burned.

Experiment: Battery car fire for three seconds that is

Fire battery car short circuit test. Fire map

Electric car charging improper or disrepair caused by fire tragedies have occurred. July 7 this year, the fire department field experiments show the electric car after the short circuit fire process, only three seconds, the electric car to smoke smoke, and the surrounding combustible point. Firefighters introduced in many old residential areas, residents directly push the electric car back home filling, put the corridor filling, and some even Lagan 'fly line' downstairs, which have a major security risk .

The data shows that 80% of the electric car fires occur during the charging process, and almost all the dead fires occur during the charging period for the electric car. Most of the causes of the fire are electrical faults.

Fire Department reminder: Electric cars are generally used during the day and night parking, charging time needs 6 to 8 hours, the user plug in the night eight, nine power charging, to two or three in the morning basically filled, At this point if you continue to charge, the battery, the charger will over charge, fever, may cause a fire. At this time, people are generally asleep, and it is difficult to find and save the fire in the early days.

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