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▲ December 6, Jilin Daily 05 edition.

On December 6, "Jilin Daily" published a full-page report entitled "Commonwealth of Nuclear Weapons and Its Prevention" and gave a large-scale coverage of the popular science of nuclear knowledge in the newspapers. This is rare before, the report quickly caused heated debate on the Internet. In this connection, the Beijing News reporter interviewed an insider in the editorial department of Jilin Daily, which disclosed that this page layout was "normal national defense education" and was provided by Jilin Civil Defense Office. Xu Yucheng, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Civil Air Defense Office, told the Beijing News reporter that the above content was indeed contributed by the Provincial Defense Department, aiming at strengthening national defense education. Obviously, the coverage of this "nuclear common sense" is just and normal, and public opinion should not over-associate with it. On the other hand, the reaction of the media to this article also shows that nowadays the science popularization and propaganda of nuclear knowledge is still too little. People really need to know more about some nuclear knowledge.

Although the cold war ended long ago, the shadow of the nuclear war has not disappeared. In particular, with the unmanageable nuclear proliferation and the miniaturization of nuclear weapons, the nuclear threat has actually persisted. Not only is nuclear war, for the moment, the peaceful uses of nuclear energy increasingly penetrate into all aspects of our lives. If you do not understand the basic nuclear knowledge, once the nuclear security incidents, inevitably lead to unnecessary panic.

In China, the nuclear knowledge of most people is undoubtedly lacking. Many people can not tell the difference between atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs. Some even think that the product after the hydrogen bombs explode is water. When a nuclear explosion or a nuclear leak occurs, how to do self-protection, ordinary people can be confused.

▲ Warning Signs of Radiation

There have been many social events since there was a lack of nuclear knowledge. In 2009, a radioactive source accident occurred at a radiation plant in Qi County, Henan Province. After hearing the news, Qi County residents fled their homes to the outside after hearing the news. There were almost 10 rooms and nine empty places in the area. Among these, although there are factors that have blocked the news by the government, ignorance of nuclear knowledge is also an important factor in large-scale panic.

In 2011, because of a leak at a nuclear power station in Japan, there were rumors that Japan's nuclear radiation would pollute the seawater, resulting in the subsequent production of salt all of which would not be edible. Eating salt containing iodine could prevent nuclear radiation and cause nationwide Salt panic buying trend. Although this incident was deliberately hyped by some, it also exposed the weaknesses of our popular science in nuclear knowledge.

The popularization of nuclear knowledge can not wait until after the crisis. The government should take precautions and increase public science popularization in everyday life. To do such a good job, we must not only make active use of the public media for knowledgeable education, but also encourage public discussions on the nuclear issue in the media and on the Internet.

The popularization of nuclear knowledge is not only conducive to people's correct self-protection in the event of a nuclear explosion, but also does not over-panic in the face of nuclear security incidents. With such scientific accomplishments, the public will also be able to participate in the supervision of national nuclear safety. This is a great good for standardizing the development and utilization of nuclear energy and improving the management of nuclear safety. Although the nuclear war is far from the public, no one dares to launch a nuclear strike after World War II. However, this does not mean that we should not supplement our knowledge about nuclear weapons and nuclear safety during peacetime. However, it is precisely the common sense and defense of national defense education that civil air defense departments should report on the full-scale coverage of the common sense and protection of nuclear weapons.

Yu Ping (media)

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