Alien Brigadier will sing? Listen to Cantonese opera "strong war songs"

The original title: "Alien Brigadier" will sing? Listen to the blue army brigade over Guangzhi sing "strong war songs"

"alien brigadier" will sing?

right, you have not heard wrong!

On the live broadcast of the New Year's Eve New Year's Eve Gala on "Start-up-2018" on CCTV on December 31, 2017, the commanders of the 81st Group Army of the Theater Army overgranted Guangzhi as special guests, Ship "carrier carrier pilot Zhang Nai Gang, F-16 fighter pilot Bailong, China's first person into space Yang Liwei, together for the people of the country sang a" strong war song. "

The sonorous and powerful voice sang the command of the army in the era of strengthening the army's goal in a new era with a high degree of historical consciousness and a strong mission, unswervingly implementing the goal of the armed forces and building the world First-class military journey strode forward!

Let's go and listen to it.

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Moderator: He is to let the PLA's major war zones, all units want to live capture Blue Army Brigade overgrown his career in the force mock confrontation exercises, he led the Blues play an imaginary enemy, became the most hard-line Chinese Army combat "Grindstone." We will resolutely implement Chairman Li's thought of strengthening the military, focus on preparations for war, and strengthen the capability of maneuvering the entire field. We will strive to provide the Army with a harder "hone knife" .

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